Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Honest Appeal If You Really Care About Elderly Women In Your Life,,,,

If you care about your mother ,your elder  sisters,your grandma --any women in your life--please read on this is not a shared post  ,,,,

                                      A known friend's elder sister Latha akka ,42 ,with two young kids ,a son and daughter both in school had a lump in her breast  few months ago which she had noticed and informed her hubby who took her for consultation with the family doctor ,,Latha Akka brought up traditionally and being a shy lady was not comfortable in expressing the true facts of her troubles with the major reason being the doctor being a male and the place of occurence of lump made her even more uncomfortable  ,,the fear of scaring  her young children and a caring hubby somehow made her hope it was all just a minor issue overlooking the true facts ,the doctor misguided by her description just asked her to do few simple medications for that purely on grounds he was misleaded by innocence of a shy lady .
                                       Few months later when she had more complications naturally of the lump --she felt something was gravely wrong --went and met doctor this time revealed her lump and all her complications -the doctor on her revealing true facts felt in absolute horror of the situation she was in --Immediately on asked to consult a pathologist ,,mammogram and few more tests --it was found to be a CANCER in advanced stage--to be precise was in her last stage .
                                       Chemotherapy ,radiations  ,medications and hell a lot of beat treatment given by her family proved to be unfruitful when she passed away recently --seeing those two  young children without their mom  absolutely froze me to hell,A life gone just like that all because of simple hesitancy of not being comfortable of explaining the true issues because the doctor was not of same gender --because it is not as easy as it sounds for a family lady who had been brought up in traditional ways to reveal her private parts to a third person --resulting in a family losing its most important binding member .
                                       If you sincerely care about women in your life make sure somewhere there is level of comfort in them to talk about their issues -to have a female doctor or someone they can explain true magnamity of their issues which us guys can never understand -Breast Cancer is a very curable disease if and only it is detected at earliest stage -even though everyone is educated enough to know consequences of all these diseases ---people still are not comfortable enough to reveal issues such as Latha Akka .

               "Life's joy  is when you live to see the last page of destination "

                            ( This is not a shared post --this is from what i saw and me myself being someone who lost my mother pretty young could feel the pain of those young children's eyes  ---I  always wished  never to see that pain in anyone's eyes --its just unbearable but certainly avoidable ---Care those love you --especially if they are women )

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