Saturday, October 26, 2013

"DISCONNECT " --A Compelling Must Watch Movie In Case U Missed It !!!!!

Disconnect Movie Poster 
                                                      Whilst reviewing is not my cup of tea --I'm a avid movie watcher ---this particular movie which i picked by accident turned out to be a terrific movie which depicts about   realistic horrors we could face in our  day to day life .The movie does have a good star cast and what it has going for it is a wonderfully intricate screenplay that shows the troubles that people face in today's modern world .

Some of the remarkable real aspects that the film touches are  silently shocking and sends a strong message to the viewers,just wanna give a briefing on what all the movie touches 

 *  It shows how a silly prank by college students on a fellow mate ends up in almost taking his life (A duplicate id in the name of girl seems very realistic of today--the consequences of prank going horrifically wrong  is explained to the point )

* Life of a  depressed couple after losing their child is shown realistically  ,showing how loneliness pushes the mother into finding ways to let  her depression out through chats to a  stranger through computer eventually ending up  into wrong hands thereby losing her whole savings to a hacker --this part seemed very relevant and important fact --that never allow a stranger to get into your personal details --as said  in the movie a link sent by that stranger clicked by you is enough for someone to hack your personal details without your knowledge  .

* Issues such as acting against morality , troubled love,depression issues ,hackers --the movie has everything you need to be aware of in life -- the dark side of life that creeps in because of situations , This movie doesn't have a ending u guess,,and this movie deserved to have been marketed lot better ,,movies like this may not be accepted by fun loving audience but this is a  "perfect depiction of life gone wrong can be better " --and definitely not something you will regret watching --go for it if you could find a copy somewhere ,Given a choice to give a mark out of 10 i would have given 10--an excellent movie !!!

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