Sunday, October 20, 2013

Money - A Deadly Relationship Breaker Between Known People !!!

                               " Money -- appears the most meaningless yet ends up being  the most dangerous weapon that can break relationships easily "

                                                 When i was growing up i used to see my mother picking up 5 paise , 10 paise(talkin about late 80's when there were common use of coins lot more than today) coins left around the house  ,she  used to pick them carefully and put them in one jar-- i playfully asked her "Mom why are you showing so much care for such less value money "--She replied in her inimitable style "Respect money you have earned and more importantly remember to respect other's money -it doesn't come easily for anyone in this world "

                                That was then ---Something that happened now proved how apt she was then -- A family friend son who is couple of years younger than me ---known him for the better part of last 17 years --was someone who was there in all family functions ,,someone who just became a nice unavoidable person in my life -- all was fine until he requested for credit transaction for business i was into- depending on someone else ---the amount was quite a big amount by any standards --and as it is case when money becomes a factor -it snowballs into "The Factor" ,,something that could break  trust  what u built for years and years --the person he believed  had ended up being a dishonest person and this  friend of mine felt himself  like a deer caught before headlights unaware of this impending danger ,,What followed was the familiar story that  money plays ---my friend switched off his mobile fearing answering the truth ---got himself out of  touch with  people we both  knew --moved out from the  place he resided to a new unknown  place --and what felt utterly disappointing was 17 years of trust and knowing each other went to the cleaners because of improper settlement of money without even a frank explanation of happenings  ,just like that the  trust i had on him  went out of the  window forever never to return --i felt gutted to pieces!!
   " Is money bigger than our friendship ,,Does money matter between us ,Money is not a issue "
                                        --All these are cheesy line that hide the real facts of practical life --Money matters between two earning people ---There is nothing like easy money in this world --Every penny is a struggle and for some its a monumental struggle --disrespecting money you earned is like disrespecting everything that you stand for ---the struggles ,,the fights ,,the dedication ,the sincerity ,,the sacrifices you had  made to earn that money  !!

     Money won't be "that factor "if we could follow certain points like 

    * Making a point to return borrowed money  from a friend on time promised as they might have plans with it 
    * Every one has a friend who keeps spending for us on movie tickets ,hotel bills and we might b ignorant  just because he/she has made a habit ---try to break that habit by taking turns on alternative times to settle the amounts .
    * There  might be roommates where one roommate might be one spending lot caring less about the amount just to make the other one feel comfortable --remember it might seem happy but unfair is what it is in reality  .
    * Often between brothers and sisters money is not a factor  till they get married --once into married life it becomes a important factor ---so have to respect that fact beyond sentiment values --because it is often the deciding factor between life long hatred and life long relationships .
       ,,,,,,and list might go on,, these are few instances that come to mind as i write ,,,

"Respect hard earned money --the difference between a long lasting relationshp and broken one might be even b a single penny --After all every single penny has a story of its own --a story of countless struggles and endless sacrifices --respect them and life will present u with everlasting relationships "

Cheers !!!

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