Thursday, October 3, 2013

In Midst Of Nowhere --- A True Confession Of A Unfortunate Married Girl !!!!

This is a self  written confession of a known girl who has described about her stuttering  life in her own words----In many ways her life reflects current difficult situations a girl encounters in the society i live ,,,,,,

                                  Born in a rich affluent orthodox family -- I was pampered from my beginning ---born with three siblings --and surrounded by caring relatives ,i could not believe happiness waited for me with open hands the moment i was born --to a wonderful mother and even more caring father --They used to say "Life is like a dream when you have everything you could only have wished "---they demanded nothing from me --other than just being a good person at heart .

                                   I studied in the best school available -- topped the classranks year after year --was always the goto student for teachers and had few good friends ---lively and lovely is what you can describe my school days --i was never forced to study for a doctor  ,engineer or commerce --i was given luxury to choose whatever i wanted with clear mind --i chose to become a auditor --though it was tough i chose it because i wanted to become one --All the while i was growing up and things started to change up around --i lost my father suddenly --still i was not forced ---a ailing mother asked me just one favour --to marry someone she finds good enough for me ---i never fell in love so i had nothing against her decision ---I finished my Foundation and Inter courses when they found someone for me

                                 At that time i was 24 --i nodded and wedding date was fixed and during engagement the only condition from my family was for the groom to work in India ---which they accepted --and i had the most lavish wedding possible --with more than 4000 guests and the best way to start my next phase in life --with someone who was almost my age --i had dreams like every new bride and going away from my home made me very uncomfortable but it is same for every girl born in this land ,,so i left to my in law's house who were equally from affluent background .

                                 From Day 1 it was clear people  did not like me there  and i felt like unwanted member  many a time --though my father in law was a decent person but unable to take control of situations was his only big mistake --after marriage i learnt my husband  was too reliant on his parents for every decision in his life that included me now  ,he left me in India and went abroad for work, all along his reliance on his parents even for  personal matters increased  ,it became more and more clear that it was impossible for me to change that approach --and all the while years started rolling amidst daily tensions --and then it came down to me not having a baby --though medically clear of all issues except extreme stress being problem --i was bombarded with question after question --asked to get things i needed from my family like laptop ,phone,dresses  etc .There were times when i felt like running to my mother saying about everything --but i was brought up too well to do that to hurt people in my family .

                              All the while i had not completed my course --i was into my 9 th year of marriage ,,and i eventually was forced out due to silly misunderstandings where i had no support from my husband who listened to his mom who had become so possesive of her son after i married him ---i returned to my family where i was not welcomed either --all my brothers and sisters had married and settled down --and i was seen as a odd one out --uneasiness had crept in for them to accomodate me in the family because they  felt thet were answerable to society for my uncalled long staying ---i could not complete my education suddenly because it required another few years --i just have a commerce degree and now im in my 30's --i have decided to pursue my career and life --with my family reluctant to take me back --- and my in laws refusing to take me in for silly issues..Im just left nowhere in the long road called --life ---I just don't know where was the mistake -- my apoligies mean nothing --im being chased and all i have can do is just run sumwhere till my heart takes me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, !!!

                                                 ( I  have  just edited the letter from my friend -Im a single guy who has no idea of the travails of a married person but the thing that irked me most was there were no villains in her letter except situations and happenings - and this is not the first person i have encountered in my life stuttering helplessly despite being brought up well and given proper educational platform to shine --she seemed lost --- she seems determined to make her way up ---someday she might find the way she was destined to travel until then her plight might be midst of nowhere-- My personal wish is this thought  changes in due course of time  --where a woman is given due respect for life after marriage as she is given before marriage ,where a husband gives more priority to a girl who has left her life from birth trusting she wont be felt a leftout ,where elders could leave some of their ego therby creating a happy environment to a newcomer in family " After all they are our fellow human beings ,that isnt a crime is it ?--Not helping someone whom you could help is the worst feeling that could be avoided )


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