Monday, October 7, 2013

Rahul" Awesome" Dravid and Sachin "Amazing" Tendulkar -- Comparing Them Is Like Insulting Them --Incomparable Legends Both -Period!!

                      "   There never might be another Tendulkar or a Rahul Dravid "

            "Forget the comparisons between the two  for these are two  unforgettable champions  "                     
                                                     "  I have actually followed almost entire tendulkar career- i quipped to my sister yesterday  evening" --24 whopping years of my life i have loved this guy to pieces --the first time i saw him in televison  was hitting the great Abdul Qadir for 4 sixes in a exhibition match as a kid --There he was my first sports hero --and he has remained ever still despite glitches here and there --i remember how i was so glued to that name in newspapers like millions who grew up watching the boy wonder becoming the best batsman in the world--- for a period of time there were no one who could be compared with the great man,, --The one man who stood up again and again for India in 90's --the one man who commanded immense respect from every player on the planet-The man who was destined to broke records and did so by never losing focus on the sport he loved no ends ,to outline the memorable innings requires a book --he has played so many ,across the globe and drew adulation like no other sportsman ever did ,With God given talent and clean ,simple humble life off the cricket field he has achieved all that is possible in his field--true testimony to his passion and longeivity ,has inspired a generation of cricketers by being the ultimate role model .
                                                 Sportstar once put up the heading "King of kings",after his Sharjah heroics against Australia ,--  he truly was ,--in sheer dignity ,,sheer hardwork ,,sheer grit ,sheer determination --there was never someone who came close to the great man ever since he debuted --until the entry of a "humble gentleman " who came pretty close --one
" Rahul Sharad Dravid "
                                               My brother was a die hard supporter of him when he started up --and i did not like him initially for no particular reason other than he was becoming the challenger to my incomparable hero "Sachin"--when he came out in his initial years i used to laugh "Here comes the "Slow coach "--when he was dropped from teams i felt like yes thats more like it --but as India entered in the new millenium --Sachin was becoming less the incredible force he was and this man who never talked rubbish even for fun in newspapers ,,who never sledged anyone with foul language in a cricket field ,,,never cried foul --started to rack up performance after performance in alien conditions --Every time India would be none for 1 and this man would be walking with same purpose same grit and great determination to bail India out of trouble only to see someone take his name by cashing in on his hardwork --yet he never complained ---Double Hundred at Adelaide ,,Twin hundreds in each innings in New Zealand,,Terrific half centuries in brute of pitch at West Indies --Marvellous displays in South Africa --Improved performance in ODI and for a time he was even better than Tendulkar performance wise --I had started respecting him for his impeccable conduct on and off the field ---  Remember once  when Donald was letting out barrage of words at him --he just hit him over long on for six --the man just spoke through his bat --and that too impeccably .
                                                  In the glorious twilight of his career in his final trip to England ---He batted for 6 hours and came out immediately as makeshift opener when asked to follow on ---did that selflessly --as he had done before when asked to be a makeshift wicketkeeper --the man was not just impeccable was just as selfless cricketer there ever lived --more and more it was like watching two of all time greats is a incomparable joy than wasting time in analysing who was better than the other .

                                                    Yesterday as i was watching the two great sporting legends India has produced play their final match in coloured clothing --it felt like  "Wow What a priveleage watching two humble human beings universally respected for such a long time "-Why should one be better than other why not leave them just as they are --They played cricket for the right reasons for their whole careers--one just ended his magnificent career the other is almost done on the most glittering careers ever known --Yes I will always have a special place for Sachin but Rahul Dravid occupies a special place in my heart -for that unflappable dignity --unheralded achievements and that terrific grit all through his career --"Forget the comparisons for these are unforgettable champions in history of cricket" --Let them be remembered only as such .

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