Friday, July 4, 2014

Aftermath of the horrendous heart wrenching building that collapsed in Chennai leaving 61 Killed :(:(!!!
                                                What does a common man require?-- A family to support -- A job to fullfill our passion and ambition --and A HOUSE TO FEEL SAFE AND SECURED ---and for some that is lifelong dream --fighting for that  dream in endless odds and countless troublesome days and nights ---that very dream is what we live for --fight for and very importantly motivate ourselves to achieve such dreams amidst lot of humiliations and hurdles.

                                                I still don't own a house in my work city - Chennai -- My dream since i moved out 7 years  before  from my native place Trichy is to have a own house --and i have searched almost the entire span of Chennai in all these years trying to find a house that will end my search but now it seems even more treacherous as to whom to believe and more importantly whether it is worth the struggles and belief to fight for something that might just crash down for a SLIGHT HEAVY RAIN !!!

                                                    It pains to keep reading about how some people got saved after days  because it also means a lot of them we could not save because of lethargy of people responsible ---As a common man --my concern is not only abt the wrong people to be punished ---it is whether worth to dream even anymore of a house in Chennai amidst this horrifying happenings  ???

                                               My dream took a absolute jolt by this horrendous news few days back ---and im sure im not the only one who questions whether it is worth to have that dream in this situation --"Blame anyone but the wrath is always ours" ---Is their a bigger sin than killing dreams of millions ---Again --we will end up with questions that will also be put to rest like so many other issues--Hoping for a dawn some day ---some day far far away it seems -- RIP to thos who passed away -- all we could do is be sold out idiots to such masterminds whomsover was responsible for this pathetic mistake :(!!!

                                            (Kudos to the wonderful people who are responsible to this pathetic heart wrenching news ---61 people have precisely been murdered --and in few days this will have no semblance to our life--it will just be one incident among countless in  our sad recent history)

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