Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy 37 th Wedding Anniversary To A Wonderful Mom and A Incomparable Dad !!!

                          "Life begins through them --through their unbridled love we learn what life is ,through those watchful eyes we grow ,,through those supportive hands we learn to walk through the dangers of life ,,through those pair of wonderful souls we find the path to our destiny --then they watch happily as we run towards our destiny --to make sure we dont stop or fall ---for me even more so  since  my angelic mom is not physically with me --she watches from heaven as ever with a beautiful smile,,,its true -that 
                   "there is no bigger God in life than mom --no better inspiration than a father "

                                                             I blog now as a married man --married to a wonderful simple human being --Now i realise the real values of husband and wife --- all the more reason i still startle even more as i think back to my wonderful parents rarely ever having a arguement right till the time my angelic mom passed away ---For every son / daughter their parents are the most important people in their lives because our beginning was from them ---what we are stems from what they wanted us to be from the moment we were born .
                                                            Its been almost 12 years since i lost my mom --but i still vividly remember the 20 years i spent with her while she kept shovering me enedless love --during that time i also watched how much she loved,cared ,respected my dad ---i still rememeber as a kid she used to say to all of us kids "I will leave before your  dad with this kumkum"--"kumkum (kungumam in tamil) is something that married ladies in south give huge ,huge importance ---my mom loved it so much ---wearing sarees and having that kumkum on her forehead made her the happiest person in the world--and she kept her word till her last .

                                                             My dad ,,my first inspiration in life --and still continues to be a guiding source in my journey ---cant imagine me doing what he did to his kids --he used to drop and pick me up from my school which was close to my house every day for 17 yrs --and if that is not mindboggling --he kept doing it for another 4 years till i finished my Mechanical Engineering --To be a father you have to be one --hopefully i will be blessed one day to know how it would be to do what he has done tirelessly a whole life ,,,hes now edging on 70 yet he remains ever as active in my life as he was when i was a toddler .
                                                            As a kid August 31 st was always one of the happiest day of my life --it beough me joy ,,,it brought me special little gifts from my parents --it brought me a smile always that made me feel like heaven ---maybe the celebrations of those days were gone once my mom left --but the wonderful memories from such wonderful parents always makes me a smile a bit even now on the same date --some dates in life are magical as i found out recently when i got married :).
                                                            I may end up being lost in this frantic world --i may end up as a failure --i may end up falling short of  my wishes in life --but nothing will take away my pride,, happiness and endless joy of being called  son to my great  parents ----that single line will keep reverbrating in my heart and mind more than any other in my life..

                                                         " Enjoy the time whilst they are there --they are not going to be there forever --but there will   never ever be someone as caring,supportive ,wonderful and magical as our parents--Love them as much as u can and respect them more than you can " 

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