Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life !!!

                                " Life is the only gift in the world which comes with a unknown  time limit "

(Dedicated to the wonderful souls who keep working non stop for everyone to be happy except them )
                                                                I guess it won't be out of place if i said irrespective of our ages the little child in each of us never grows old --only thing is we are constrained to even talk about it to our loved ones --reason being as always petty issues like  society, responsibility etc.

The Beautiful "Past"!!!
 Ever wondered where these scenarios in life went --just press the rewind button sumwhere this would have happened in all our lives especially the kids of 80's and 90 's not the modern one's who are just tech savy brilliant and nothing else .

*** The times during rain  we would sit in front of the house with our family and have groundnuts with smiles and fun chat.
*** The beautiful summer vacation with family where we would prepare for the trip weeks before to have all our dreams 
*** Sundays when we would hear balloon sounds and run and pick up the colour we like and play with it with our siblings 
***Almost  having a sound  sleep  yet  knowing  the beautiful cuddling of our mother on our forehead .
*** The birthdays with new dresses ,the auspicious days with us looking forward to the countless special programs .
*** The School day functions with endless fun with smile ,food and eventually returning home late to feel as a hero .
*** The times when we used to score less and go to mom fearing dad only to  end up being screwed up by both  
*** The times we used to run after our first crush knowingly that they will never ever remember you as someone they saw in their lives 
***  The time we went out with opposite gender in a group feeling it to be as a first date --- unparalled childish happiness 
*** The little surprises we give our close circle during special occasions birthdays or weedends etc-- the childish fun of seeing their sudden happiness always left a wonderful memory for life.

                       Those times just get buried as we get older with every new responsibility. 

 Life Now !!
And Fast forward life to now ppl in the late 20,s and 30's the general feelings for  us is like

*** I  have to be responsible about everything in life ,I'm not a child anymore
*** Birthdays are just another day in life ,there is nothing special abt it anymore ,,not on our birthdays neither it is for our closed circle.
*** Can't take a vacation for the next 3 years --have to save now itself 
*** Should book tickets to see mom and dad  for this  diwali or christmas 
*** No time to see friends or make a call even on weekends 
*** No time to sit and talk with our wife/kids
*** Have to work overtime to meet all ends up 
*** Have to buy a house and a car to satisfy the society and the relatives 
*** Have to plan to earn for next 25 years to meet the housing loans ,personal loans and what not .
                                                  Let me ask the simple question even i ask myself to no proper answers ,
Why do we live a life where we can't let our childish wishes every now and then ,After all we don't live for our loans ,,we don't want to know our parents suffered of our physical absence during difficult times ,we don't have to make our friends feel bad during their tough times and many of us still long deep inside our hearts to celebrate or to be part of celebration on birthdays ---our bodies age but our hearts never does -and within every one of us there is a child that wishes you to every now and then not become so responsbile and lost.                
                                                  Life in your past and present has one common factor that underlines everything ---"YOU" ---Its never late to change what you are going through ---forget the problems ,responsibilities thrust upon you (it was there before you and it will be there long after you are gone:P:P ) -just enjoy being yourself because there will never ever be one like you .

 As Always a quote i read sumwhere 
"Life is really simple --it is us who try to make it as complicated as possible !!!!







  1. A very thought-provoking read!
    The groundnuts in the rain made me nostalgic :)
    And the flashback of going to mom for her signature on the poor report card resulting in a nice bashing from both ma and pa made me laugh :D
    It's a very well articulated post. The questions you have raised are very deep and someone like me often indulge in them to find the answer.
    I like the thought that work and responsibility will keep going even after you are dead. So, why not enjoy being ME? Thanks for these words!

    1. Thanks a lot Surbhi--it means a lot that friends relate to facts that happened to me in life ---Thanks a lot !!