Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Over Expectations --- >Posessiveness --- >Disappointments --- >Lost Happiness !!!

                         " When over expectations barge in --real happiness slowly barges out "
                                                                I guess most of us would have gone through a real life experience with someone in life --that we feel for a short span of time as if this life is too short to spend time with this person ---but suddenly as time passes by and we get close with them we start to feel something missing --something slowly feeling different ---while we search for the right answer the relationship turns bit sour due to some reason and ends up with a unanswered  question  with that  beautiful soul " Why something that appeared heavenly had to end up suddenly like a flower being blown away by a cyclone "

Many  Years Back ,
                                                                I had a sister like a friend who was one year younger to me who i met suddenly to feel instantly a happiness of meeting someone i probably missed so long in life --someone seemingly with my same wavelength --same sense of humour --same and more of what i wished i could be ---it was some of the best times i spent with her --the childish fun ,,the endless pulling down each other --for some time she was so close to me that i thought i had a unborn sister with me for life --until something started changing --there were needless fights --arguements ---childish topics taken seriously and i was the one who was starting to feel lot disappointed ---for her not being the person i thought she was ---i had sleepless nights --questioning why she could not be the person i expected her to be ---that single thought actually was the catalyst that slowly buried a beautiful relationship because of one thing above everything ---my unwanted "Over Expectation" of wanting her to be someone else than the person i felt so connected in a instance ,

       "Painful memories are sometimes beautiful memories you desert with wonderful souls because of a demon called "Over -Expectations "

                                                                 In real we never know when this journey of ours will end --but what makes this journey so wonderful ,memorable and worth all the struggle is the beautiful souls our heart chooses our of happiness to be our  brothers ,sisters, friends ,and most importantly our life partner .The time we spend in this world might be limited but such souls fill our lives with unlimited joy --unless we all find a way to a  sleeping demon in each of us --"Expectations "--When we get close with someone our expectations sky rocket into "over" territory so much so we start to get possesive about them --its a download spiral from there --leading to countless disappointments -ending up in us searchin for real happiness that the relationship promised to us in the beginning.

                                                                Long  back i remember walking along with a inspirational friend of me whose words  as time goes by seems more and more like a shining beacon during my dark times

              " I have had countless disappointments in life -im a motherless child -a daughter deserted by a heartless father --yet i found  beautiful love with people i met in life -some of them ended abruptly  ---yet i never feel burdened by those pains in my heart because every relationship that has ended for me has taught me a lesson -the biggest lesson i learnt is always have a tiny little gap between the person u love most  ---a small distance always that will always make you understand your happiness ends when you forget that distance by our high expectations --there starts the disappointment which ends in lost happiness--i never have high expectations because 

                 "Not everyday you wake up to see a rainbow but when you see it make sure it is being watched by a happy you "




  1. I could easily relate to your thoughts! Over-expectation really kills the sanctity of any relation. It's better to see the things "AS THEY ARE" instead of "IF THEY COULD BE SO". I loved the quotes used by you, they make this post more beautiful :)

  2. Thanks a lot surbhi ---it means a lot :)