Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Happy Bday Mom -- Love u endlessly !!!!

 " Some memories are like snowfall that falls on you slowly forever 

    Wonderful ,beautiful and ever memorable "

    To the most  beautiful soul i had ever known in life ---Happy Bday Mom 

Mom where to start ----sometimes i just smile silently when i think about remembering u ---well to remember sumone u should forget them --u gave me too much love to ever forget u till im alive --u were the most beautiful  dream i saw without sleeping ---

"U are the sun in my brightest times ---u r  the moon in my darkest times" 

u not only gave me life ---u taught the value of loving people from heart --i always wondered how u could never hate anyone in life.

   Mother's  are the most aesthetically beautiful creation by god --Always wondered if he took extra time to make them ---because i have always found them to be the most selfless ,most caring and torchbearers of the word "love"in this world.

 My Mother was very special ,,,she was very very special when she left me ---now its been nearly 18 years --she well appears very very very special to me ---people who do see me after a time just keep uttering the same line ---you had a great mother and lovely parents ---the best thing about life is about being known as a son to lovely people -- no amount of fame or money can better that .

The wonderful mrng smile --that cuddle with ur hand on my forehead --that lovely hug while i slept --that magical angelic aura u had everytime i saw u --u were too good  a reality for a careless,disobedient son --but you will be the single  biggest reason for me always to believe that "love "is the solution to the toughest of situations ,

I still remember you uttering the words when ur end was  nearing ---"No matter what happens --i won't  give up "---and  by the way u fought everythin with sheer will power  and endless grit even death  would have felt ashamed to take the life of such a brave and lovely woman very very early ---i think maybe god was shortage  of good  souls he took early --but not  before you had given us all a life to remember and love u forever .

Happy Bday Mom ---I hope you are at peace wherever u r .You were the most precious gift i never knew i was blessed with --but now i know and will be the same till the last .Love u loads and endlessly.

Still awaiting your return ------until we meet again someday  probably  with u in my hands for a change to give back  part of all those endless love u gave  me :P :P :P.

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