Friday, June 18, 2021

Memories With Beautiful Souls Is A Priceless Gift !!!!!!

 This pandemic has given a whole different perspective to life - before this the most important questions tht will pester a commoner would b like in the lines of 

" How much can I travel ,how much I can earn within this period ,where can I buy this thing ,tht thing ,a house etc countless such questions keep propping up but this time ,this prolonged lockdown has sort put a self realization on every one of us ,the most important question being " how many people have we earned - the true quest of our life is during this journey who really values u in life - if u could think of a handful of ppl u have to consider urself very lucky 

" To how many ppl we r truly unforgettable - as a person ,as a memory 😊"

Because like me - I have lost few frds ,plenty of souls have gone just like a flash to this demon called 'corona ',its time to step back and stop our seemingly endless run towards nowhere in the quest of money and dreams ,stop for few hours and realize how many people we truly have earned along the way to  whom we r unforgettable 

I have had really one 4 a.m friend in my life - who was my soulmate for longtime before fate took us apart -  sumone who continues to be in my memories for the beautiful presence she was in my life for over a decade - only during this extended time forced in house I remembered the old good times with some of the best people in my life .

And it was odd that many of them had gone in different ways to my path ,after all 'letting go'is also a art ,I admired all those souls who made my life a joy back then and now during this period I felt I  tht admiration felt better because I personally felt I have earned some unforgettable memories with them ,never mind they r in my life or not ,the happiness I feel that I have had a journey worth a whole life with many of them .

This pandemic has shown life has no guarantees ,ur run for money will be endless ,ur responsibilities will be till ur grave ,but when u sit down alone - and think u have  handful of souls who truly value ur part in their life as unforgettable - then u truly have lived a life worth all the struggles ,still think all this is a lie ?? - close ur eyes and rewind ur life - if it gives u few smiles with those  special souls then that's all u want - especially in this terrible times - something for ur heart to cheer and what better way than memories with few spl souls .

The sun sets to arise only - hope is the one thing u should never give up in tough times - times will change for good hopefully .

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