Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Being Ordinary day in and day out ---is Extraordinary"!!!

               Few days back i went to the place in chennai which was my first outing when i relocated from Trichy to Chennai(4 yrs back,2007)--Chennai Citi Centre---A place where my best friend Ravi was workin few yrs back for a company in 5th floor  ,, Remem tht time very well it was the place where i stood marvelin at how nice it was built and how many shops wre there,,,saw a movie there in Inox Multiplex there,,nothin stopped me from amazin everythin there,,the girls coming over there,,me havin fun with our group of frds running around ,pulling each other citing silly jokes --life is fun man i thought --i can enjoy everythin here unlimited for my whole life ---fast forward to 4 yrs ----the same place just seems to me like another building in this world ---perspective changes --a lot ,,,the things we admire initally for beauty dont stay so for long --So what makes indeed life beautiful?if not these then what else?
          Those things tht we ignore for bein too routine and usual  are the ones tht make life very beautiful --we dont find time to "APPRECIATE "  them -Few examples -the mother who does the same routine for 365 days to see us not to feel low -the father who earns to make sure we reach our dreams and after we start to earn --he goes into his shell just admirin what a masterpiece he made with his wife-- for rest of his life  --while we just think whats the next step to stardom ,,Then in most cases there is a  lover who  to quote one of many examples --keeps seein the watch hopin it will stay standstill so tht she could spend some more time with u,the person she likes  -what we do?-we mistake it for her hurry to get the dating done --(rite personal experiences -wink)
          Every guy will definitely have a mentor or a group of ppl who made them realise the direction they r goin is right --those ppl will just be the guys we always have the biggest respect ---and it stops there --we ask what more ??ur best friends who r with u when u r piece of garbage or absolute bit of mess ---once u come out of tht --u say --thats fine  and say ok now i have lot of things lets me run towards them to catch up
        Buddies think for  a minute --in our lives the characters may vary --the names might change --but in most cases the roles they do are similar ---it hardly takes us 5 mins to say "i appreciate what u have done to me -Thanks ",,those ppl--Those ppl who r The most REGULAR ppl in our life --genrally dont come with us to our final destinations--most of them whither away before we cross half of our lives --but they have been sacrificial in their own way to let us reach whatever we have as our stardom!
        My mother was an ordinarily educated lady who did simple things unassumingly for her whole life ,,i never appreciated her when she was with me creating my life for me,whatever i could remember of her now seems great,  her impossible dedication towards the same simple things now seems unbelivable -- she did for 20 yrs of my life ,all i did was make her do more ,,now i say everyday mom i appreciate ur tuf work for me-Seein her picture in my purse!! ---I had a school staff Mr.Rasheed Sir --the most magnificently respected School teacher whom i once made to look at me and say son--in these 6  yrs i have tried --u failed--because "u never tried once to be what u can"--i cursed him,,now i know what he meant --hes no more for me to say "Sorry sir i will try atleast once "
      Mrs.Motha --another wonderful teacher who i let her down with brash brainless ego and money minded boldness ,,never gave her a good thanks givin smile even for her hard work  ,,shes gone now probably,,The first time computer guy said to me then a hopeless guy who never knew to switch on a computer --u have good typin knowledge --one day u will not be bad in usin these,,i said "oh ya we dont pay u to for ur predictions" --hes probably sumwhere in the wide world but i mite never see him in my lifetime to say --ya u were rite ,,thanks --- Remem  how i did not appreciate the goodness of one of my best all time friends effort to wait for me only for me to say   "Whats the point in seein the watch? ,,i came now -u talk now!-i made her wait 6 hrs she just smiled then -even shes gone now !!
      All i have left is my father ---i just make it a point to my dad  tht he doesnt hear his son squealin at him but make him know tht from my mouth when i have opportunities tht "wherever i go from here it all started from u dad"

       I once remember sayin this to the skies when my mom passed away ---"All I have is my choices --let me choose them "--i choose to die then--did not happen ,,,sumhow --9 yrs later now i know i had my good options  i let them go one by one --and feel if and only i could have appreciated those  tireless ppls sacrifices and struggles they mite have stayed to gimme a happier life in a happy atmosphere ,,anyhow i mite seem lost --but i still know out there in the wide world there are still some choices  tht i can make --will make sure tht i dont let them know i forgot to say the word"I appreciate what u r thanks"--for those words uttered to those regular ppl is what makes ur life beautiful despite being one among the countless billions in this world  -u r always unique to them,,realise it before its too late !!!After all buildings never make u happy--- ppl do !!
       To all the people who r just ordinary day in day out in ur life dont forget to tell them u r  "Simply Extraordinary-Thanks "!!

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