Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A strange experience in a party place!!

                         The other day i had to meet a few ppl whom i  meet or interact in one of the snoozy evenings in weekends ,,the topics shifted from nonsense to silly jokes ,,its when sumone threw up a question --Raj u say everythin is  of god ,,where is god now --u tell me?,,obviously she aint a god follower so wanted to mock the ones who believe in god ---So the topic became serious ,, answer ranged from same philosphies --ranging from god is evrywhere some cliched old dialogues ,,its when a unknown  senior to our group sat among us and joined the discussion
                        So dears ---its heartening to see a sensible question in a party place --he asked all of us --4 were present ---2were boys 2 were girls --he said i will ask every one of u one question --u gimme the answer u have in heart ----first one he asked --son imagine u r in sumtrouble or extreme happiness where u will go --he said im a god believer i will go to temple ---second one said i will go to my girl whom i love for 5 yrs, ---third one said --i will go to my parents as i dont have boyfrd or anyone else i feel like goin first  ,---The fourth one(the one who asked the question) sensin to corner the senior said "see sir i wont go to temple as i live far away from temple ,,i dont speak with my dad ---my mom is not alive --and i dont have a partner --so i just go lock myself in a room and speak to myself no matter what-it was rude i felt  --- in fact she had a strong smile feelin she outwitted everyone --
                  The senior spoke now ,,,see god is a perception in which u have full faith and trust --where u have faith and trust god will be there unknowingly watchin u --u r in temple ,,or u trust ur parents or the partner whom u trust( i interfered and asked him -thts wrong -how can sumone whom u know for 5 yrs be the one u goto ?---he explained tht was difficult one as few yrs could not replace that of temple or parents place,,but gave a apt explanation that pure form of love also God will exist)--and finally to the self appreciated  smart 4 th person--sweeti --u r unique u dont have anyone to believe or trust ,,so u have decided to become strong willed to fight anythin or enjoy anythin first with urself ---so the power of will is ur "god"---without that u cant lock urself in a room and feel strong enuf to be able to express sumthin within urself --
                  I for one clapped hearin the guy--it was not a philosophy --it was not a place for philosophy--it was party place,,,not everyone was normal ---everyone was havin party -drinks was flowin,music was tearin ears ,,but it was rarest of occasions where i felt ---tht was a sensible talk !-A strange experience in a strange place ,,after which i decided im not goin to go there even for fun --i felt i could be better than just be a party goer in a group of headless chickens ---i cant say i will find such persons again in such places,never saw him before there and never i think will see him anywhere--i dont know whether he was damn right --i felt he had sumthin right to prove sumone wrong -period  !!

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