Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Dads are wonderful in their own unique ways"

                           "HE DID NOT TEACH ME HOW  TO LIVE ,
                             HE JUST LIVED AND LET ME GROW  WATCHING IT"---These are lines i read sumwhere and related it with dads in general --while every one of us enjoy the role of our mothers ,,most of us forget the role of dads in our lives ,Infact i have been blessed to be born to two people who had been just born to be with each other albeit for a short time --in the most wonderful way god wished ,,i have never appreciated dad being an important shining light in my life because hes been himself underplaying his role
                                                  Without dads-  life in general will have no direction,,for every kid tht is born the first inspiration is always their dad--especially for boys its always dads who are the first inspiration--life's first sign post starts from them ,,,they dont come to final destination but they show us the way ,,walk along with us with their "dream torch" passed to our hands  ,,see us run towards our goals with glee and slowly they fade away as we keep running to pass  our torch to the next generation,
                                                   I was goin through my old albums --i could see how beautifully dad has aged and taken along with him the pains of living alone in old age ,,settlin  his kids lives in their marriages and future  all alone with medical issues due to a  cruel paralytic stroke --he still had the same heart which he built a empire all alone -with moms moral support ,,i feared life derailing when mom passed   awaybut evn then this man stood like a rock unperturbed --his goal was unfinshed ,,his family was unaware of their paths ,,he guided them with heart of steel with a crumbling body ----sometimes true grit is never realised --every fathers struggle to settle their kids lives is a achievement to behold --but we take them for granted that its his duty hes doin--it aint tht simple ,,we wont realise until we be one to know what it is
                                                 " Every one can become a father --but not everyone can be a true dad",,tht word means lot of pressures and countless sacrifices ,,My father has been a shining light  to my future ,,in a way i knew where my future was heading when i was very young ,,i always said to myself i would be a sucessful person if i achieved half of what my great dad achieved in his life,,today hes a old man with wise brains ,,more anger sumtimes but beyond everythin hes still the same man with same guts and same love,,the awe tht i had 25 years back is still there seeing how he has managed so much with just grit in his heart ,,im still in amazement of how he overcame 48 hrs doctor gave him to survive 3 years back ,,he returned back from jaws of death with  vengenance ,,the stroke crippled him physically but he became more gritty --he settled my sisters life with a grand marriage for her  next yr ,,the following year saw my brother get settled similarly ,,nows he a grandfather ,,he still has justone more duty  which i will oblige when time arises
                                               There was a time in my life sum years before when i had the tough choice of choosin sumone which pointed to everlasting happiness or choose to prevent my fathers magnificent kingdom from crumbling and broken to pieces by my one decision--i thought deeply  and gave up my dreams for if it would mean to destroy my wonderful dads 50 years of  spell binding dedication, sincerity and dignity ,,itwould mean i would have got happiness i desired and lost my dad to tht as a price ,,i did not do tht ,,while there is nothin to be proud of tht ,,every son and daughter in world would have done sumthing to make their dad proud in their own way of sacrifices ,what i did was i was not a hindrance in my dads relentless march against fate and destiny with just grit and heart to counter it ,,it would have been destroyed had i slipped tht moment,my dad meant so much to me more than my world because of what a wunderful life he lived with the sole aim of having a life with no black marks,,and seeing him fighting odds with so much trouble made me realise he was far worth than my happiness which i do feel as long as hes there will be returned to me in sum other form so it doesnt seem to be a loss because i still know papa will do sumthin to make my life better than what i perceived --every dad does tht for their kids--some realise --some dont!!
                                                   15 years and more  i have been following his wishes in business  ,,and continue to do so till hes with me ,,he wont be with me forever but as long as hes with me i will make sure it will  make him feel hes living the life he wanted to show his kids to follow ,,thts what every son and daughter in the world will want their dads to be so --A royal salute to dads who are always so wunderful in their own unique ways!!!!

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