Monday, April 25, 2011

"Start Accepting People As They Are "!!

                                                                There is this problem that i have been tryin to rectify for long--i have seen it commonly in many frds and ppl --u get to know sumone ,then u love them ,,u get close with them ,,u enjoy your time with them like there is no tommorow ,,then u slowly expect them to change according to your requisites, and when it obviously doesnt happen -egos,questions,,attitude ,,everythin arises out of nowhere ,,,we forget sumthing --"we loved them because they were already so",,because it appeared likable to us we chose them  ---but where was the necessity for us to expect them to change for the sake for us to feel happier?that is sadly a question we fear to ask ourselves ,,because we know we would be found guilty,,"Everybody cant be right --accepted --neither can we be right always --life evens out" --when we start to accept tht ,,life becomes better and sumtimes beautiful if not always
                                                             I still have lot of ego not as much as i had few years before but life has taught me if i have more ego then i will  be left only with that and not with people whom i love ,,there is this wonderful girl i love as a friend -probably i have never loved any other girl as friend as much i do with her ,,because i have hated her so many times for close to 3 years tried to leave her but never could ,,i was surprised when she said the same to me today  --then only i realised that i have started to accept her as she is so that i feel she can never be away from me or neither can i be -as best friends for life  --the reason lies in acceptin sumone as they are than waitin for sumone to change for your satisfaction ,they never should because u did not choose them believin they will change for ur likin and satisfaction,u loved them for what they were and let them be so for life--period!!
                                                          For long i have choosed my buddies carefully,,but i have carelessly lost many of them of the same reason where expectancy outdoes the need for acceptance ,,,and this is especially true in the case of our friends ,,,Buddies set aside for a minute our families and think about your friends --
"in most cases they get nothing being our friends" ,,but we expect them to be sumthing better than what they already are ,,,its a precious life out there ,,"We are born alone - we die alone --we r allowed to stay together only in our time in this world" --Do we want to ruin it for our never ending expectations to b met in the affirmative? do we need to fall a prey to this greed? I wont be a example or certainly not   a trend setter for future people --i myself have been a abject failure in this --because by the time i realised this --i have lost countless people to this--and many of them can never be retrieved,,whilst i never regret what has gone in my life i cant refuse the fact it could have been better
                                                         Beyond all this there was a this tough chat i had yesterday  with one of my best friends who was crestfallen by situations already-- felt let down by me for being guilty of expecting him to change for my happiness and necessity ,,through his words i could feel the pain of a true friend hurt by my expectancy-- instead of accepting him as he was and run to his need at his hour of need --i was waiting and doing nothing,,though he had the heart to forgive my mistake,,it showed clearly where the fault was and what the fault was 
                                                      When u cross 25 u will damn sure know u cant satisfy or fulfill every frd of urs u have then because the number of friends will dwindle so fast once u cross 25 to  a extent where the numbers of frds can be counted in fingers of your one hand!!lets not lose the precious beautiful people left in our lives then ,,, In this life there are only two choices u make --one your life partner and another ur frds for life---from my personal experience for a  better and happier life
   "Stop expecting and Start Accepting people as they are "--Life will be better if not beautiful --its all in our hands !!!

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