Sunday, May 15, 2011

Create a world your heart picturises!!

                                       "Our heart wants to us to make our own choices
                                        Life pushes us to make compromises on choices"    
           I was asked by a friend who knew my situations and my heart well "U cant do what u like ?cant u choose the girl whom u like ?Cant u say ur true thoughts to sumone whom u like--Why buddy  ?Well i stared at him not answerin anythin-for only i know the reasons for being so --i was given  a family that even god felt jealous --i had my tough situations --- The fact is i know i did not  listen to my heart --i can never probably create a world my heart wants because i stopped listening to it wantedly many yrs back
                                                       At this wee hours of the night ,,i just got a thought regarding these  things--Have i been a good son --good bro --good frd?--the answer to all these may vary and can be answered by sumone else or few other people concerned --but there is a one question tht only i can answer --have i been a listener to my heart?No,,, i can say situations never allowed me to think about listening --but surely i would have had opportunities to sit and listen to my heart --as would everyone of us at some point of life 
                                                       We write off our hearts voice as dreams that can never be fulfilled--From a personal point of view im saying this --i stopped listening to my heart from the moment i saw sumone from the family shed a tear for sumthin important many yrs back --i have never listened to what my heart yearns ever since that for my attention ---it has never happened --for more than a decade --the price for being so is also sumthing very high -- "Your  heart will cry through your eyes" !!
                                                                            Adjustments can be made in every department to shield ourselves from listening --like if u choose a proffesion by compulsion of family and surrounding --u say to urself --oh ya its good money and better future than what i want --there starts the shutting of door to our hearts ,,from then on we become experienced enuf to make our hearts listen to our minds --im not sayin its entirely wrong --its alrite to goon -but there will be a time in our lives when we get the feelin like Why i did not do that then? well i know only very few of us have the guts to go against the family ,surrounding , to create a world with the  wishes that their  heart picturises
                                                                          From work to love or  life as whole --nothing seems to be of our choices-it all seems just out of compromises -with work its fine --as far im concerned --a work tht gives u decent living and satisfied enviroment is nothin to be worried off--but it does matter when it comes tour life partner --ur better half --and probably the most important person in your life--dont think many of us understand the magnamity of listening to what ur heart wants  and rather it always ends up whats the world around us wants ,we marry the person they feel suitable --its nevr the case of whom we feel as suitable and we compromise it for anybody they choose can be acceptable ,,from proffesion to life its never ending
                                                                         You can be a great son ,,can be a great brother ,can be a frd noone else could have imagined ,,but take five minutes from your busy schedule for the day and answer whether you have created the world your heart picturises every day,Have you been yourself what ur heart wanted to be?,,the answer including my case mostly is a big "No" --i just fit into sumone else picturisation of my life and make the best efforts to look the best part to fit that role ,,but deep down i know my heart is still keeing on askin me "listen to me once"--it has never stopped askin for long time --but as i said "we compromise ourselves for others to feel better when we feel worse "--sumtimes its better to remember that deep down the line if we dont listen to  what our heart wants we will regret our whole life as such!
                                                                       In some cases it might seem we are hurting our closed ones by doing so -but in reality with help of time and sucess in what we have chosen --our closed ppl will understand that its sumtimes best to leave ppl to create their own world in their own ways ,,the most sucessful people in history would have best listeners of their hearts first and then practical exhibitionist of them to the world ,,we take their lives as examples ,,its time we realise what took them there --they were probably allowed to create their world of their choice --they eventually became benchmarks in history--we might not be them --but we might be ourselves if we do listen to our hearts,,maybe i will  also give a  go in near future who knows whats in store? -trust me,, --try tht once u will never regret for tryin!!

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