Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"I have my dreams ,my goals--it all starts here with you"

                                    " I have my dreams ,my goals ,,it all starts here with you"

                                                        Last year has been sumwhat a time of gruelsome truths being told in a manner that is too volcanic for a normal guy like me ,,normal in the sense im reactive to situations and affected by shocking truths ---two of my friends --whom i knew for nearly 20 years went for choosin the life partner chosen by family ,,married in grand way and sort of felt they had settled for good ,,within six months one of them had his life torn apart as it became a wrong matching of two souls unfortunately--he was in very high reputed position--was on the doorsteps of becomin one of pillars of is company,,this marriage ruined him to a level where he lost his job and refused to see anyone much ,,its been months since i have known his wherebouts
                                                            The other one ,,a more subtle guy with nothin but soft nature as his identity ,,ended up in cross roads --he again got derailed in his ambitions and when i last met him said to me "i dont know where i go from here"---Seriously that was as apt an statement he could have given to explain where he has been left stranded by his fate that or  by his reluctance to search for sumone or try to look around  before takng the big step?i asked myself this unknowingly when sumthing happened today mornin in a fun cht with a close friend.
                                                           One of my frds played  me around with this sayin in cht  to "see sumone seriously"--"be selfish and  mean now "or u will be a idiot for lifetime -not the first time he has done so but when he did today it felt different  --though im sumone who believed love or arranged marriages-- its  all a matter of how good u adjust after marriage  is what matters,,things certainly look a lot different of that view now ,,i have never loved anyone or thought even ,,that was long before all these happened ,i have had people come and go in my life knocking my doors in that section occasionally in my mind,,,but should i reconsider now ?probably its late?lot of questions ran over in my mind --well the fact is  i decided to be open minded and take life step by step and not have a pre determined notion on anythin--its better late than never (who knows sumone might be rolling in my mind -lolz)
                                                        " Where do i go from here " --tht frd asked me --i know the answer now i feel --its not abt where u go --its abt with whom u go ---that matters ,,,i could get what my friend meant by sayin be selfish and mean ---he meant what i might be seen if i go out of the way from my surroundings to find sumone ,it might sound bad but down the line on the base of a sucessful life all those notions might get washed away and the probability  of us realising our dreams from childhood will be boosted ,motivated ,,and most importantly understood by sumone we choose ,,sum defy their fate to get what they wish ,,others just become the reason why the very few defy the fate,,
                                                         There was a time when i used to think "why the hell u want to ruin ur family ,frds and surroundings for one girl"---now i realise with tht one girl ---we can build a whole empire ,,bring back back that whole family ,frds surroundings with her ,,without her the goals ,,the dreams ,,ur identity ,,almost everythin what u want to be will be just a unfulfilled dream ,a journey cut off in midway ,how long you are goin to travel in your life depends on whom u choose ,
                                                   There was a time i was completely alien to this concept ,,whilst i have seen some unfortunate examples i have seen more than couple of great exmples where my frds defied every other obstacle ,and were selfish and mean to get that sumone,,,they got married among huge displeasure from family to all quarters but in their heart they knew it was the right person,,gettin her in any way was the right way ,,to them tht particular person was worth beyond anythin in the world ,,today i could see them  how they r proved right by choosing them ,,
                                                      Sumtimes during forlorn times when u look at urself u mite feel damn so low when u have none --its all the more a lonely journey with no belief  from then on ,,but imagine that with sumone beside u who knows the pain of it ,,,who is ready to accompany u  to any journey with you ,,any predicament with you --the belief to reach beyond our destinations beyond our allocated distance by god will be motivated by them beyond words,, Dont  wait, analyse ,be reluctant or try to be a saint for the world to appreciate - finally u will be a loser to the core
                                                      If u r seen as selfish,mean ,bad,,doesnt matter ,,IF YOU LOVE SUMONE OR AT BEST LIKE SUMONE MORE THAN OTHERS -JUST GO FOR IT !!!

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