Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The joy of making others happy - is a feeling beyond comparison!!!

                                       "   Happiness is sumthin everyone wants
                                          Lets make our efforts to make tht possible
                                          After all there is rainbow only if there is rain :)"

           A few years back i was pulled by my friend to come along with her to a orphanage home,i was sumone who did not believe in these much and went reluctantly just expecting to kill time ,,we got over there and the moment we entered into that home seeing those kids flashing wonderful smiles which i felt odd at tht time ,,i was just seein quizzically at her --and i just stayed there for some time and went back to my place,,on the way back i asked the question--Whats the thing u get out of this ?dont tell me age old philosophies --I got a smile back and she said to me --U will find out yourself sumday --im not sayin anythin,
                                                            We went back to the same place few months later and tht time it was a occasion to celebrate a bday --i immediately went there --said that im sponsorin for the day for food ,,with a very prideful look,,then i expected the kids to see me as some great person for doing that,,that was how i frankly viewed at that time,,i saw my friend --and she said angrily I should have never brought u here --i was taken back by tht --i said why--u r seein yourself as a a saviour of them for the day --they are not begging to you --u r sharin wth them what u have --If u cant realise that u will never realise the importance of making sumone happy in your life "the conversation ended over there with me gazin over the window in anger
                                                             Fast forward life now --i go to different orphanage homes and i see in admiration and awe the peopleinvolved in running such organisations work with relentless sincerity -im now a regular visitor ,,now the friend is not there to teach me  why im here---the kids still smile --but now it doesnt seem odd --it seems natural,beautiful,,and i feel it is necessary to share what u have and rather not feel u r giving to the needy ,At this point of life i know im being left lonely --but i dont feel im lonely when im with these people ,,Sumone asked the same question  i asked my frd thn--Why u wanna waste ur time and money on these things--my answer now was "If i could i should share,,period"
                                                            Every individual knows where he stands at certain point of life --i know where im standing --Today i have handful frds to talk,,i make a point to enjoy their birthdays more than mines ,,,make them smile happily when im with them albeit for few minutes--i make a point i goto helping homes on  few occasions --all this for what?--To make sumone happy is not a easy task,,ur money wont buy that,,ur anger words cant buy that ,,ur pleading request wont make them either --its sumthing tht we dont realise how hard it is ,,Today i realise im no great person as i so stupidly saw then--im a ordinary pedestrian who has his own duties to fulfil but at the same time i have my duty to share what i could --mite be minimal but necessary
                                                          There is lot of things we do to earn money endlessly--we hardly realise as long world exist money will keep revolving --but once our times runs out its not the money tht we have earned tht is passed on to the next generation--give your share to the people who u wish to see happy ,,they will do it to their closed  circle --it will be a endless cycle --a chain tht will go on till the world exist--ur share might be minimal but lets not be the ones who break the chain,,yes i run after money now also ,,yes i will run after that all my life--thts nature of human beings --but i realise tht happiness created by us therby bringing a smile to sumone is beyond comparison to any feeling in this world --sum of us do tht to our family--sum do that to our lover ,,to our beloved life partner --im sure every time we do that we feel our hearts very light and the world so much a better place to live in--maybe it mite seem for moments --trust me --when u think about it u will have a self satsfaction that nothin else brings to u
                                                         There is nothing wrong in goin on for our essential things in life--its sumthin that will never end --but along the way make sure u pause for sumtime and  remember the few beautiful moments tht we created for others to be happy ,,surely there will be few for everyone --it sumtimes is a magical feeling tht cant be explained in words but best expressed by having a smile thinkin abt it ,,dont believe me ??do it for sumone or sum people --then u will know it urself --Just  remember never forget to do your share in making others lives beautiful -the world will be  a better place to live for everyone --Cheers!!!

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