Saturday, May 21, 2011

Those "Special"People Are One Among Us !!!!

                                                          As usual on one of my regular visits to theatre i had booked ticket for a movie virtually to kill time ,,i was just gettin into theatre to find my seats ,,i saw a scene which initally made my eyes shrink in seeing sumthing different in a multiplex theatre ,,i saw a handicap person who was unable to walk and had his hands also sort of immobile ,,he was brought in a wheel chair and was accompanied by two persons in their mid 30s and the person himself was around 30 year mark.
                                                          I was thinking on the moment i saw them ,,,"God why to embarass such people by bringing to such crowded places"" Are they out of senses - why cant they get him a dvd and ask him to watch movie in house--now how people will laugh at them,,look at them ",,all this crossed my mind ,but the glitz and glamour wolrd of enjoyin hifi timeout takes your mind of reasonin and anythin reasonably close to that,,all u wander around is to notice people who want to get noticed or be the ones who dress to be noticed by others ,rarely do we think abt sumthing properly in such places.
                                                        Coming back every 15 minutes my attention turned towards the person,he was right in the midst of mid walkin staircase in theatre ,he watched movie from there only ,and in interval i accidentally got logged behind them in tight crowd in small exit door ,,i could see the two people who brought him were absolutely making sure the person  was comfortable being with them and never showed any discomfort about being in a crowd   where strangers like me were  watchin them lift the respected handicapped person from the wheel chair  in their hands to goto canteen and get what he wanted ,,they cracked jokes ,,smiled happily ,,,,the person was in perfect senses ,,only thing he was immobile ,,it all made me realise what a fool i was with my thought in first place,
                                                        I could not watch the movie which was average one,and the fact was  i was not in great mood to watch ,i desperately called one of my closest friends to get some fresh air to my mind ,,added to the fact it was not great day ,,i felt bit ashamed for takin such a shoddy remark  on those people in the theatre,i just envisoned for a minute to be tht person---if i was him would i expect to sit in house and expect people to pity me and let me be like tht till the day i die ?Certainly not ,,,,i would like to be treated as a normal person is rather than be pitied for no fault of mine ,,,thts what i felt ,,and tht crap movie i was watchin went out of my mind,,the people who smiled with that handicapped person ,,the people who first of all decided they will take him to the theatre ,not thinkin they are superior to the handicapped person just because they had everythin he did not have physically (which is what i felt for sumtime before realisin how stupid it was ) and  more than that help him  in any way they could  to live a normal life like them,,they SEEMED LIKE REAL HEROES TO ME 
                                                      We see every handicap person ,,or someone affected by sumthin in crowded places or in any place first thing we do is we pity them ,,i seriously dont know why we cant treat them as we treat others ,,me including ,,we cant give a smile to them ,,we give a horrendous facial expression as i did in theatre ,,we treat them as aliens ,,we gaze them as human beings who have a seperate world and act as if they dont belong here 
                                                     I decided the next time i see sumone like tht anywhere im not gona give a shockin expression,,the best i can do is be normal ,,,they dont need our pitiful expression,,they need our solid acceptance that they live in a world where everyone lives and that they will have a life they wish with all our wishful support ,,i do feel strictly from my heart that these are small changes that we never even give a thought in our hectic day to day life-"these are not changes tht we can do ,,these are changes that we must do "--respecting others as they are as they are and appreciating the people who proudly do day in day out the job of makin such "special"persons life sumthin worth for what they entered this world ,,lets accept the fact that its no easy work out there to be so and help those special persons , ,,,those "special" persons  are one among us ,,lets make them feel that whenever a time arises ,i promise to not being so stupid again,,,i know people who r reading this are smarter than me ,:)

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