Sunday, May 8, 2011

You Will Be A Winner Sumday!!!!

                "The world rememebers always the winners--the world wont remember losers like us"--this was said by my short  time known frd,when a conversation came regarding my questions --Why life sucks buddy?Why we needed to be seen as losers always ?--he just replied "We r just born to do our roles ,as losers we enter we will leave so" ,and had a hearty laugh--to be frank the guy was tryin to end any purpose of living for a reason by sayin tht ,,i did not argue with him beyond tht but it was not sumthin i could sleep easily with that nite
              Ya accepted im a loser if taken in large scale of life --i dont have what i wanted,deserved or yearned for ,,personally my heart bleeds for not  having a chance at the things i love to have now ,but to call the sacrifices ,,the tough calls ,,the frustratin pains of heart as just a role of a loser  felt ridiculously bad ,,he knew nothin abt me in deep to point out abt me,,but i knew abt me and i was relating to what he said ,,if that was the case then 95 percent of human beings in this world by his perception which was reflected by few i knew are just filling in the role of "Losers"--My answer was a big hell "No"
             The world remembers only the winners --but ask the winners  who they fear most-they will point to the ones who hate to lose are the most dangerous --because they know they are winners waiting to be someday --thts how life has to be taken according to me,,im not a eternal optimist ,,im a laidback optimist --i wait for things to happen positively --that has been my drawback but i can never accept tht i was filling the role entitled by god to act out ,,there was a small little girl who i knew for only a short time --a HIV survivor for long time --a orphan (i hate to even write tht word)--but even after doctors gave her few months to live ,,she lived for yrs before she passed away unfortunately --she refused to be known as a loser --she fought for every bit  before she lost-she seemed a winner to me despite her short life-(she was 10 years old when she died) -she still seems --after all it was not her fault to have tht disease from birth --but she cared less for every medical ailment came across her way--it was genuine way i felt of sayin to world -"Everyone dies not everyone lives"!!
         My own moms sister --had a daughter--my eldest  sister in relation terms  --who was ill from her birth unable to walk and eat --crippled ---but for 20 years --she never gave up,,despite the world seeing her as a poor loser for living every day--i was too young to rememeber any of her fights with fate-she could speak well --she could see well --what i remember her now--she was destined to be a loser ---she ended a loser --but bloody hell she gave a magnificent fight before giving up her life ,my own parents were marvellous experience of real grit --my dad still is not acceptin his fate despite his 65 years of battle with fate--he still wins his share --like my examples there will be surely sumone worth rememberin in your life at every point u feel like --Is this it ?-it certainly isnt--those ppls lives will tell u--its true for me --for now im crestfallen for some time now--but i get inspired by all such ppls lives and say "Get up man the day has dawned ,,ur fate is waiting for a battle --lets give it a good fist and see what happens"
        Sum of us are born winners --many of us might seem like losers --our destination might seem  fixed with the word  LOSER  ,,but there is a way to rewrite that --we have to  hate losing like anythin "Come what may  ---never be afraid to be  a loser ,,and let it be known to the world tht u accept tht u may have lost once but u will be ready for battle when fate pops its head again --because it will never stop popping--and neither should we --because  if we do --then we mite just be filling the roles destined for us and the purpose of life might be lost and we all might seem worth for nothing --so always be ready to accept if u have lost but make sure u hate to be one again because who knows u might be a winner sumday -U got it right --this blog is from a loser who knows the reasons for being so --i hate myself for letting it be so -there might be a second chance sumwhere,,who knows  -maybe sumday i will get my due back as will everyone of us --until then  --lets fight  on and make sure we are not here to fill the roles as losers we r here to change tht to be "winner sumday"  --Cheers!!!

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