Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friendship is sumthing to be cherished for life !!!

 Dedicated to my best frd on his birthday today and to all my friends to whom i owe bit of my life!
                            "All that glitters is not gold --an old sayin
                             Sumthin that never glitters but is worth more than anythin in the world -Frdship "
   Jun 5 -- midnight India time ---i was celebrating the birthday of my best frd with his wife and his brother --U might ask whats the big deal ?let me finish it ,,,hes livin in London --I live in Chennai--the birthday was celebrated through internet and i never felt i was viewin sumthin infact i felt i was being with them and enjoyin the occasion,after college life we never were together to even hangout ,,,we rarely met,,then he soon left abroad ,,its a absolute tribute to him to tolerate a damn borin,,sumtimes volatile ,,normal meticulous character like me for close to 15 years ,,the reality is thats how most friends are ,,,there is sumthing abt being a frd --its unique and incomparable to be a friend--because in my life that word has been  the most loyal companion to me .
                         The year 2000 is one i can never forget --the birth of a millenium -the world was celebratin wonderfully , all people wishing their friends everywhere in world ,,,that day i got 2 calls from my frds --one was from this frd of mine who is the inspiration for this blog --and another mutual frd between us ,,thats all ,,,i felt "thats all" man u have lived for 20 odd years and u have 2 ppl all this while --sucks man ,,was a broken guy that day ,,many new years have dawned yet that year remains one of the darkest hours of my life that haunted me for sumtime .
                     That all changed when my wonderful mom left me in complete distress and disarray of myself,,thats when my life changed ,,,i still remember how tht day of my mom passing i could not get into my house by the presence of so many college and school frds --it was tribute to how great a person my mom was --and to a part a shameful truth of mine exposed of how mean and selfish i had been all my life --there were people who were waiting for my acceptance of them as frds yet i never opened the doors ,,it needed a amazing ,incomparable ,,unforgettable and the purest form of soul leaving this world  to break open my doors and see the world
With school mates -happier times !
                Then after that period it was just flooded with friends ,,everyone i met i wanted to make them as friend , i got back to track by holding the hands offered by many friends after moms demise ,,so i thought here i will live happily ever after with such friends--Not to be so ---it became soon obvious that it is not possible to have forever innumeorus friends -- through the same door i opened long back the ppl went out for reasons unknowingly and some knowingly --but nowhere it hurt me for having the ones left knwingly or unknowingly as frds --guess thats the beauty of frdship ,,even when u break with sumfrd ,,or dont get to see them for 15-20 yrs or miss them unfortunately --u tend to rememeber the better moments than the rustic moments ,
              Numbers have dwindled to almost nothin --but the ones i have are genuine ,priceless ,,,few of them live in far distance for me not to see regualrly ,,few of them are online frds so i may never see them, but priceless because friendship gives u life when the world wants to take it away ,,friendship gives u happiness when the whole world deserts u ,"Frdship may not be everythin but it is in everythin u find happiness"
             I rememebr writing once sumwhere abt  a frd  in a mail  "you have been my best admirer and most silent critic that i feared "Every friend i have now are so ,,,not tht i have many but the few fit into tha bill perfectly ,,there might come a time soon or later when i might be left with noone or just one or two of them ,i hope it doesnt happen though ,,but even if that worse case i wont regret for one moment for choosin the few of them because the amazing moments i shared with them have freezed in my mind and will run whenever i rememeber because as i said it has been a magical journey where the magic has come from such wonderful people
           And to my best friend ---u have been a marvellous support ,,u gave me another family --another reason to enjoy this life ,,,i have not forgotten that year 2000 and i have not forgotten what a absolute gem u are ,,years might have rolled ,distance might have mutliplied ,,ur reponsibilities might have increased ,,but the frdship we shared then and now and hopefully in future will never change ,,Happy bday buddy ,,and thanks for being a wonderful friend ,
Bday boy in midde with Nirmal and Deepa Ravi
         Probably i would take endless pages to write about my mom and family ,,after that if there is sumthin that i give as much importance and utmost respect it is to this word frdship without which i would have been history long time back ,its been tht significant ,,that important  with which i  have survived some torrid times,
          As long as i live this world i will keep relishing and keep smiling when i hear this word every time ,,and long after im gone i know this word will keep on swirling in this world till there is life in this world --the magical journey for everyone will go on forever --cherish ur friends for the moments and dont banish them for misunderstandings ,,life is too short to keep regrettin,,,
See ya soon              

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