Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The case of Miss Aruna Shaubang --there's a lesson for all to be learnt from her life

Aruna Shaubang then and now in semi coma stage !!

                             "Never give yourself a chance to accept revenge as a solution to anger "  
                                ARUNA SHAUBANG --i know this name about 1 yr or so back -- one of the most painful stories i have read in my life --a story about a hard working girl --who came from below poverty family and paid the ultimate price and the worse part is shes still suffering after 38 years!!!--i found some news of her that i could not even take my mind off ,the person who brutally raped her and left her in a dog chain in a bad state and left her to  semi coma is working in a hospital nearby ,,A guy named Sohanlal,, he left her in semi coma stage and brain dead state then for his supposed "revenge ",,shes now 61 ,,,(still survived by KEM hospital nurses and doctor )
                                I read the news that the guy had changed his name and is still working in some hospital after serving a term of 7 years ,because he was charged of "robbery of jewels"  ,talk about law taking it course probably its for only people with money ,,read that the case was not challenged against the convict because no one of her family wanted to fight for her or take care of her ,not to blame them either ,(poverty sumtimes makes people helpless leavin no options)  ,,she was abandoned for good ,,and now 38 years after  i read the shocking sad  news that her  well wishers on seein her suffering for so long requested for "Euthanasia "--its just harder to digest that the reason for the action was revenge by a mindless guy , it has been revealed shockingly the guy still lives sumwhere closeby working and living a normal life ina  hospital -how in the wide world is it fair?? - this wonderful lady has been in bed like a baby ,in semi coma  for close to 4 decades,,all the more reason that we should do our bit in making sure such things never occr in our surroundings
                               There was sumthing i felt heart warming in the final part though  --i read about the  journalist named PINKI VIRANI who had taken so much pain to know abt Madam Arunas case --had so much tried to help her ,,read that she has offered with her husband to do final rights to Madam Arunas inevitable  death if and when it happens ,In a country where appreciation and fame are the masks for everyone wish ,,its truly worth mentioning that there are people like Mrs.Pinki who has taken part of her life in tryin to help a wonderful lady get noticed for the misfortune she had in her life ,,
                                Revenge is the worst expression of anger ,,yet when the mind is not allowed to think it seems the best form of avenging a humiliation or embarrasment ,,in reality --its just few moments of madness that seperates from havin a normal life and one like Madam Aruna ,,even worse is the life of that guy Sohanlal ,,if at all i dont want to be one person in this whole world it will be that guy --his moment of madness ,,his form of revenge has put a person brain dead for nearly 40 years ,a lady who came out of her house at 18 to work out of poverty and that to in a noble proffesion like nurse ,cant imagine how much guilt that guy is having every day to relive that moment again and again,,
                              We would have situations where we would feel our anger will be best exhibited by takin some form of revenge ,,,but like this example revenge never does any good to anyone ,,it ends up with undeniable pain,,guilt till life and ignominous scars in our characters which will nevr leave till our time runs out ,,im have had this urge to do sumthin against sum ppl who left me stranded in the middle on few occasions ,,but sumhow i preferred personal agony and silence than out and out revenge ,,,reading such kind of stuffs makes me think revenge is nothing but a waste of energy which extracts plenty of agony ,tears and blood ,,probably we will be faced with more situations where it might be the only solution ,,but i do sincerly hope and do sincerly request that whilst u may u have anger which is human nature ,,never allow this thought of revenge to cross u ,,sumwhere if u have been right ---fate will prove that u have been so to that particular person --never have revenge  as a option because its not even worth to be a option --its sumthin that has to be sent to trash forever
                           For the love of  our lives--- let this wonderful life of Madam Aruna be the one of the kind and never wish to see anyone or any news as of hers in my life ,,not only in pain but in shame to know one of our human kind inflicted such a shameless act on  a fellow human being for his moment of satisfaction ,,and for his urge for revenge ,,every time u have the urge of that word ,,just rememeber this case(to me the guy is just living because god wants him to relive his shame every day than to die )
                          As far as my tribute to  this wonderful human being who has suffered so much for no fault of hers -"U have opened the eyes of many and will so in future sadly through your pains but it needs such pains to make people understand hard issues in life ,,, Im sure people will learn a lot from your life ,,May God be with u always and give u peace wherever u go from here  "

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