Friday, June 17, 2011

Learning to listen to others perspectives is a art worth learning !!!


                                 “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

                                             This is what i got in mind -when a frd of mine said sumthin today morning that did not shock me but starltled me moreover for my reluctance to accept a frank outspoken comment as i was sumone who had swimmed long enuf in this societies rigid policies to allow sumone to have a frank opinion on a sensitive issue ,,On a whole i felt i m just a mere reflection of what this society has made us
                                             Had a very odd chat with one of my school mates in google talk ---had some funny messages exchanged initally when all of a sudden the topic diverted to something far more sensitive--He suddenly said to me "Dude whats the need to have temples ?dont u think that God is everywhere -I do believe god is everywhere -why waste money in building temples ?Now this frd of mine works in a highly reputed company, was a NIT passout ,,,a god believer alright --sumone who hits the nail on his head with his comments ,sumone who never does a cheap thing to make peoples head turn ,i was not taken back by his remark because it had some truth in it ,i was unable to digest the fact of him sayin sumthin against the guidelines our society has allowed us to grow and never allowed to go beyond it ,i felt it was purely a individuals perspective which our society never stops to hear ,,,
                                                 Its not that this was the only issue that irked me regarding we giving respect to others perspectives ,i was unable to attend a marriage of my frd that ended with his now wife not ready to listen my reasons and ended the frdship i had-just to quote a personal incident ,,,i had been guilty in one or two other instances --i regret them now but time never stops for anyone or gets rewinded to rectify a blunder,,,But this doesnt apply to our family members in most cases --Our dads scolding  us despite not listening our side of stories ,,our loved ones taking us wrong ,,,our best frds having issues with the same ,,all doesnt matter --therein lies the solution
                                               Try what may the difference between getting angered by a individuals perspective and listenin to them properly is just in "few extra minutes" -Even our Epics -Mahabharat and Ramayana depict that not listening to others might lead to bad things  --by no way im sayin listening to other perspectives is the solution to any sensitive stuff,,but its just essential to give ourselves those extra precious moments to judge whether we are right  to take a call in our own terms or settle to a one on one talk to end any potential rift
                                               " Its always worth to listen than to argue --arguement does no good --it ends whats good" ---In cases of our loved one we are always ready to spend those extra few minutes or give ourselves a opportunity to speak and clear any stuff ,,,that doesnt happen with people who are less important,,the number of people who are that important for us are  very less ,,but the people who are outside that circle is countless ,our patience will be tested no ends ,,but the only way to stop the ever nearing feeling of" hatred" towards sumone and  keep at bay our "inevitable ego "- is by giving ourselves an opportunity to learn the opposite parties perspective
                                               I took the word of the friend and for once felt the importance of listeningto others perspective is a art that has to be learnt for our society to move forward --Its us who form the society so its essentially our duty to make the changes need ,,,And learnin this art is a essential one alrite ,,im sure u will agree too,
See ya soon!!

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