Tuesday, June 7, 2011

To people like Swami Ramdev - Please Stop Cheap Publicity !!!

                                    *      To begin with until recently i knew nothing much abt Swami Ramdev --But day in day out newspapers ,,news channels as per the norm of our times now--kept flashing his name ,,saying hes going on fasting ,,hes taking on the government ,,hes against corruption,,hes against everythin !!!!i then went into his records googling information about him and reading articles written about him and criticism also agains him,,now i have nothing against him ,,but i quote some of the points seen in many articles and wikepedia too,,i have written below that my personal views ,u can judge upon how we are being made a fool for a individuals cheap publicity,,
In February 2011, he gave the following steps for eradication of black money.[17] :
  1. Withdrawal and demonetizing of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes - so as to avoid misuse of unaccounted money and quick arrest of the entire locally circulated black money, bribing, and fake note traffic.
  2. Agree to and accept the U.N. Convention against Corruption – pending since 2006.
  3. Death penalty provision for the corrupt persons in Indian Penal Code.
  4. Access, monitor and disrupt payment gateway servers enabling corrupt people to manage money in tax havens.
  5. Scrutinizing accounts of people having credit/debit cards of foreign banks without any foreign work/relation.
  6. Disabling operations of any bank from a tax haven country
                 Now any educated person or knowledgable person will know all the above points are close to height of  impossiblity or close to stupidity ,anyway to take  -he wants death penalty for corrupt person!!!--i have not seen a more brilliant statement --thank god he did not say he will preside over the penalty --if we do what he asks then Indian population will be left with just  20 percent or less of what it is,,Please think before what u r sayin sir ,,if u think tht was odd ,,wait for more ,,i will quote more below

Views on AIDS and sex education

In December 2006, Swami Ramdev claimed to cure diseases such as AIDS and cancer through yoga and ayurvedic drugs sold by his Divya Yoga Mandir Trust. He also went on to suggest that sex education should be replaced by yoga, which was the way to AIDS awareness, prevention and cure.[59] "Sex education in schools need to be replaced by yoga education," Ramdev told reporters at the state health minister's residence. As a consequence of these public statements he was sent a cease and desist order by the Indian Union Health Ministry to avoid making such claims in the future, and the civil society threatened legal action.[60] In response, Ramdev retracted his statement and said the claims were not directly his, but those of patients who practiced yoga

  *-- Note how he has tried for another rubbish statement for cheap publicity--he wanted sex education to be replaced by yoga education and he retracted it later --r u seriously alright --do u know what u r talkin about --how can yoga be related to sex?and he has gone worse saying  its better ,,and then even in his retracted statement tries to make the point that he may not be saying but it is true ---ridiculous again for cheap publicity


Claims of curing cancer

Other press reports quoted him as claiming to have a cure for cancer of the breast, liver, prostate, uterus, pituitary gland, brain tumors and leukemia by practicing the seven breathing exercises. In a residential camp held in Yog Gram, Haridwar during 19–25 June 2008, several cancer patients stepped forward to recount first-hand stories of their successful bouts with blood, prostate and breast cancer using Pranayam or breathing exercises.[62] Swami Ramdev has claimed having documented proof of his successes, but has failed to provide any to the media or the Ministry of Health.

 *  Again he claims to be close to living god i suppose ---he has not seen one patient sufferin from cancer -I doubt whether he knows the meaning of the disease -i personally have seen people and seen doctors explaining whats what in cancer and this borders along the line of ridiculous stupidity ---again he has tried to turn heads only for cheap publicity 


Views on homosexuality

In July 2009, when Delhi High Court gave a verdict under decriminalizing homosexuality in Delhi, the swami called a press conference and said, "this verdict of the court will encourage criminality and sick mentality. This kind of thing is shameful and insulting to all of us. We are blindly following the West in everything. This is breaking the family system in India. Homosexuals are sick people, they should be sent to hospitals for treatment. If the government brings this law, I will take this matter to the streets of Delhi in protest."[63]

 *   Height of nonsense i presume ---he says homosexuals are "sick people",,lesbians ,,homosexuals--are not sick people ,,its just tht they are people who have different   feelings --thats all ,,its not a disease to be treated ,, ,,"which hospital treats such people sir????The worst crap i have ever seen written or said --absolute wholly crap of a statement ,,anyone reading this will accept if not other statement but this surely --height of stupidity!!

*  Hes been linked with BJP for some time and no wonder seein the BJP cursin the governement  seeing this as a opportuniy to hit at government(im not Congree follower or Against BJP but just saying the reasoning for the support from BJP is expected) --I for one personally believe tht the govt acted rightly as such mad acts should not be persisted ,,and i dont for one percent believe that this person does things for betterment of society ,,it seems hes so keen on publicity --Cheap publicity 

* There is no firm solution as this "Swami "says and frankly the governement is not answerble to every individual--THE STARTING POINT TO END THIS CORRUPTION SHOULD COME FROM US,,THE PEOPLE,,THE SOCIETY ,,WE SHOULD SOW THE SEED-- OUR FOLLOWING GENERATIONS WILL FOLLOW --rather than following such mindless statements ,what we are trying to do is give in to these type of individuals cheap publicity --hes not sumone who needs to be worshipped or followed like Gandhiji--he has so many flaws in his statements --he doesnt deserve to be followed 
*Im one among the million common man ,,he has achieved to turn my attention by his statements (he went to say govt  cheated him --cmon sir give us a break !!!) we can follow what hes good at --hes a yoga guru thats all ,,ONE MAN CANT REVOLUTIONISE THIS SOCIETY-and surely not such type of man --its like the contribution to revolutionise should start from us not from such fake characters whose primary and seemingly pinpoint intention is to achieve fame and publicity in the cheapest way possible ,

* I do respect Anna hazare -hes a respected social activist unlike this person--he did many things for a village --he was in indian army --hes different --he had done sumthin for the nation ,,for changing  a normal village into a model one --he was awarded Padma Bhushan --he has credentials to make a point and has to be respected but  that too should not act as a example for such people with poor credentials on welfare of society --i mean the history of such a person shows how wavering his mind his and how instable his remarks have been  and he has done nothing to reform the society to be taken note off,,For me personally im not gona hear anythin about him --and give in to his need for cheap publicity ,,i hope people who read this also doesnt 
  Its our India --we know how to give our contribution to our nation and not give in to such poor cheap publicities made by such petty mind people

We can reform our society we dont need such people to fool us in the name of it (Im sorry if i hurt the followers of the person but this is my personal view entirely )
See ya soon

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