Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dreams are tough challenges but always possible realities !!!!

                           Dedicated to my good friend Rinki tomar on her birthday

                              "Dreams are not just fantasies they r possible realities -the key lies in tryin to 
                                  aspire them --u become future inspiration by doing so to sumone "         
      Happy birthday to my good friend  Rinki  Tomar ---Head  of "India Book of records" ,,a work that demands more than 30 days of non stop work more so ever its such a demanding job to be head of such concern which demands attention to minute details and from any corner of india to approve a record they have to see the full details -- A concern that was started purely with belief and lots of love ,,but more importantly started with purpose of achieving a dream that might have well been a dream considering the importance given to womens dreams in our society,,gone are the days when they are confined to the household and all their dreams are no more pages of unread book ,they make their dreams come true by sheer hard work and meticulous planning regardless of result

                                               One scene in a tamil film really hit the nail on the head of where our society was some yrs back,,a school master asks his 3 rd standard students--the students(girls )were shown as to be answerin to the question of what u want to be in future?----one after one they were shown to stand up and blink or laugh innocently not knowin what to answer ,,maybe just in a cinema but it could not be more apt --girls in our society are expected to be good housewives and good  moms and b nothin other than that ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN MORE .
                                               My mother who was a remarkable person with unbelievable amount of talents ,,she was terrific at narratin lessons from book ,,,worked hard on english ,,remarkably wunderful in writing the right words for right situations ,,be it in writing for debates for us in  school competetions or any other stuff she was wunderful ,workers fell at ease with her-proving her management skills were goos as well ,,when now at this age i could recall how much she was talented but she refused to show it to the world thats what i feel ,,she could have inspired a lot of people in my opinion with loads of talent she had,but women are not brought up to be otherwise ,,its been the trend  for a long time ,,but times are changing ,,with better understanding ppl it has changed surely for good  ,,i do feel that now on seein the role of women in todays world they are marching towards brighter side of life with belief
                                              While i know the person who is inspiration for this blog Rinki for hardly few months --but what has been noticeable and really appreciable in her case is her dedication to her job not expecting immediate rewards and just givin her sincere attempts to make her dream a reality,,Probably the biggest challenge in life will be accepting your dream as a possibility and working towards that knowing its a big challenge,,Life is boring if we dont have challenges ,,but if challenges become magnified impossibilities then when achieved it is a monumental achievement --I m not sumone who knows 1000 people in this world ,,but the very few i know are really damn good ,,,Rinki-has  been a inspirin story of relentless hardwork that never depended on sucesss -but on accepting a impossible challenge as achievable miracle ,
Women have started to get their rightful recognition not by any forceful means but by consistent hard work towards oneday sharing the limelight in a world  that doesnt always have them in the front,its sign of better things ,better future and a happier world
                           Happy Bday sweet Rinki --have a blast and may god be with u in doing ur bit of continue to inspire people --and may there  be many more rinkis in this world --cant be happier than having a good human being and a hard workin person as a good friend,,its indeed a privelege,,Dreams are indeed possible realities!!!!

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