Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sisters are always a synonym of support and unbridled love !!!

                     " Dedicated to my Sister who is celebrating her birthday today -Happy Birthday Raji"

                         (( **Special mention to Deepu,Gilly Seema,Pinku,Archu.Nithya ,Shabana and Priya tak(miss u piyu -wherver u r love u always ) all wunderful ppl  who made me feel proud to be their brother"**))
                       A quote about  sisters--"her eyes had tears when i was happy --her heart had tears when i was sad--the most silent and strongest relationship in this world is the one shared by a sister"
                                     Life has been cruel in many aspects but it has been kind in sum cases in my life -like my bodning with the word sisters,,made so special by some amazin ppl- im fortunate to have been blessed with some lovely girls who though not born with me took me as their brother and have shown some unbridled love which sumtimes make me think --"Am i this special "---im not boastin but im meaning it does sumtimes so !!!
                                   Rakshabandan is one function i look forward every year -- I have been tied quite a few number of Rakhis in life -its just a beautiful feelin to know there is sumone who loves u so much for just being a brother or like a brother ,i have cherished every moment  I had with them --my own sister -the only one i was born with remains a unique character -whether showin care,love or affection,,she remains sumtimes a mystery ,,a iron willed character but nevertheless sumone who helped me lot to shape myself into a better human being ,we all supported each other during tough times ,,now shes happily settled in her married life
                                   I guess having sisters guarantees u two things -unconditonal happiness and undeniable seperation,all the above people i mentioned have been a pillar of support to me sumtime or other,,,had sum wunderful moments wih few,,,there is nothin happier when u walk hand in hand with a sister --u can share things with confidence ,,u can exchange hard words and still have them holding ur hands despite anythin --sisters are special--every individuals "dream empire"is built with siblings support only,,our visions are best understood by our siblings ,,i have always had this feeling that a relationship that always remains silent  but strong is the one shared between a brother and sister
                                 Sum times their tears make us  better men,from my personal experience i know they plant the seed of confidence in us by being with us  and not merely by words -it doesnt need meeting of eyes or holding of hands to show their love,its beyond that--u can feel their presence without being nearby ,a strong sense of confidence that  come what may they are by your side ,,i have been very fortunate to have sisters who make me feel so much at home at time of needy despite me not even seen some of them ever and some i hardly see due to them being far away after gettin married .
                                   Sisters are like stars in our horizon --they seem so bright during our desperate times --we feel as long as they r there nothin is impossible --they remain always bright in our vision at those times,,and when we r shinging bright in our lives they hide themselves behind us to see us shine bright ,,sisters are that special ,a relationship that is hugely underplayed in our world --they are never given the limelight because they never want to have it --they want to share whatever they have with their brothers
                                We never say sorry to our  sisters,,we do anythin for them to see them happy ,,,yet we are never satisified because we want them to be happier and never be sad,,,thats the real meaning of the relationship--i have been fortuante enuf to be have   some  lovely sisters  who have been  wonderfully supportive, remarkably caring human beings all my life ,, who have  tolerated my sumtimes eccentric behaviour with more affection with grace and they continue to amaze me with their  unbridled love
                            i have got a huge respect for the relationsip and will strive to make it stronger ,,,sum relationships are unbreakable in our lives,,this is certainly one among them--for me a very ,very ,very special one ,,made special by some special people  and the one who is celebrating her birthday today --"Happy birthday again sister  --have a blast"

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