Thursday, August 4, 2011

From memories about a vey special word called "Love"

                     Not my usual blog type but this was in my mind for long time --i feel this is to me a special blog -a blog which has every word as i wanted --:)
                                This is sumthin very different and very same many would have felt in their  lives -- last sunday when i met a good frd of mine there was this discussion abt a topic regarding blogs  -she was in love with sumone -everyone who knew me ,,knew me i was pretty poor at  the topic love ---and mockingly questioned me on whether i could write or quote a single line about love and bursting in wild laughter ---yes i could not write abt it much as i was dumb in that regard  but i could still copy from my memories from what sumone made me feel few years back -i cant remember every quote of hers or words as she was so smart a person with words,,with words she was magical ,,with feelings she was miraculous --i know its hard for any reader  to  get the same feeling i do ,,but i know u would appreciate the fact these words uttered were not bad nonetheless
              " Why the hell u love me --one good reason--her answer--i love u because "i feel myself with u  --a woman knows the face of man she loves as sailor knows a open sea "

              "I would have known myself better had i known u had loved me more than what i thought "
              " Im not asking what you have im asking whether u have me in u "
             "  Love is not just beautiful it is wonderful "
             " My pains  painted my skies black --my heart wanted to paint  it in white by sumone --on being with u it became a rainbow "
             "  6 years have gone ---for all the pains in my life --i never knew i had a medicine called "love"--i want this medicine for life --hahaha

             " I met u by accident-- fell in love by incident --i guess incidents and accidents never bring surprises  but for me it brought me a pleasant one --my love"
             "When i saw u first the world did not stop ,,stars did not whirl around me ,,i did not miss a heart beat  ----all i felt was myself ---a complete myself -my moment had arrived and i did not miss to feel it thats all"

              "Im never asking return of favour to love me im asking a favour to allow me to love u as long as i live"  and many more which i dont remem now
                                            There was a old saying that i read sumyears back in a book--"Love will follow u all life--initally it will follow u in life -but u miss it -then u will follow it for life"--the timin is the key --u miss the timin --u miss the bus to happiness,,a journey with a known person to any distance seems easy and lovely--similarly lifes journey with a known person is far easier than with a stranger --distance might be less as might be the happiness with a new person  ,,thats why seizing the moment is very important ,,
                                          i missed it but not the feeling --i know how it is to feel that great word --now the next line is from me --let me try ---"To love was not in my dictionary --No one made me feel like u -long after u have gone --i still feel ur love --Love is immortal --through u i felt it  ---there is no other word which brings as much joy and pain as the word -"Love"-really with love there is life without it ,,,,,,,,,,!!!!

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