Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hoping there will a better tommorow!!!

                    "U may not be my life --but u were part of it which i will never regret --thanks "
The next generation's happiness depend on us,we have a role too!!!
                               Will anyone say this at a inevitable unfortunate time -- therby giving hope and not having hatred -I doubt!!! --- I got this very words ringing in my mind when i recently witnessed a good frd ending his strained relation with his wife amidst chaos ,abuse and curses which were hard to even witness ,,do seperation or breaking up a relation be so rude and appear so bad ?--It was my take ,,and to make matters worse the reason for their seperation was plain silly --but we are living in a society where "silly is significant in almost everythin ",,i was not a close frd of them neither i could do anythin to stop the string of bad events that happened ,but i just wished only if ppl realised that there needs to be respect even in seperation ,,abusin ends what all is left ,,why do that --but when will each one of us be a example of takin moral responsibility for a  inevitable  seperation of any relationship,,When will we move with a smile or a hanshake or a hug of any relationship and end it all with hope it may come back sumday rather than killing it forever
                                      No one wants to be a example for hatred ,,but sadly no one wants to be a example for being against it as well ,,the moment we start to hate sumone ,,bingo we find reasons to solidify our stance ,,we find our side to be the fair one ,,we find the other person as a villain,,im sayin this seein relationship between brothers ,,between lovers,,between husband and wife and many relationship ,,for me it has been blew hot blew cold types with certain friends ,,i have not had guts to be so even though every time i felt i will change it whenever sumthin inevitable happend ,,like seperation,,breaking a frdship ,,at these times we either become helpless or become arrogant enuf to go to extent of abusin the person with whom we shared some good moments ,,,
                                   No relation is foolproof ,,its how we learn to take the more of good things than the bad ones ,,if we feel the bad ones are more and good ones are less we should make ourselves a reason for a good one ,,not the other way around ,if u feel that seperation is the option why not do it with a good heart , by doing that  sumwhere when said and done we leave a window for a good happenin,,never mind if it happens or not ,,we still have the satisfaction that we did not completely end that relationship ,,we can sleep with the belief that "sumday sumwhere if fate wants we will be atleast half as what we were once upon a time",,  life might end anywhere ,,anytime ,,,but when it counts ,,when we live ,,its important we live without guilt and without hatred ,,,No one is right everytime ,,makin a relationship is that hard ,,breaking up anythin is one of easiest things we can do ,,"if only breaking up was done with a hard smile and thanksgiving handshake or hug!!!" ,,,i wished i had done it few times in my life ,,i felt very bad seein the abuse and the eventual break up ,,i felt it wrong ,,but i swim in the same culture they swim,,sumone sumday has to change --i want to witnes or be part of sumthin that  is good
                                 Nothin is permanent in life,,not even life ,,,then how come hatred,,,there is a answer --TIME---and maybe there is a answer for who  will be  part of a new beginning --YOU ,,sighning off with hope sumday i will write two blogs of this --one how i handled this in my life on some person in the  way i wished and how i got the same person back sum other time later in my life -on another blog  --just hoping -with hope there comes belief --with belief there will be a better tommorow --so im erasing the today memory with the same belief waiting for a tommorow like that :)

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