Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 34th wedding anniversary papa and mom -luv ya both !!!!!

           To the best couple and great human beings i have known in my life --happy 34th wedding anniversary Dad and Mom

                                     Aug 31 will forever be etched in my memory as the most unforgettable date,,where life starts is what people forget the most because its hard to remember --but for a mom and dad our beginning is the real beginning --they change to our needs from that moment --its like our life is like a book--we write everythin inside it because its our own life ,,but the cover and appearance of the book is given by our parents --exactly "character " in literal terms of our life ,,they shape the beginning to have a life we desire
                                   How many of us remember the intial few yrs of our lives---its hard but i have been priveleged to have had two great people as mom and dad ,,,i remem very well how i used to hold the end of my moms sarees fearing for school and how she will wait in the gate for whopping 3 hrs waiting for me in burning heat --standing near the gate just to prevent me from cryin -ok all moms do that initially --heres the amazing fact -she did it for my whole school life ---whopping 14 years!! ---my dad went a step ahead  and did it till my graduation in college ,,whopping unbelievable 18 years ---i think myself --even though im single now ,,if and when i get married i cant imagine being 10 percent of what they were together 
                                 34 th wedding anniversary it is for both of them ,one of them is safely watchin from above ,destined to be seperated by only death --which eventually got jealous of them both being so true to each other ,,decided to take my mom hell a lot early to see if it meant the bonding ended there,,,it did not ,,my dad gamely carries on and still feels mom in anything he does --almost 9 years later,,everythin tht happened with them both were serene ,calm and awe inspirin ,,if sumone says they were not inspired by their mom and dad they ought not to be born at all,,no matter where u go ,,with whom u go ,,where u end up with --they were the beginning --every beginning is a hopeful dawn --for every parent on their children ,,the value of their work is realised only  when we become a parent!! .
                                 A unfilled void for life was  created by the passing away by a mother who i envy even now for how good she was ,,a beautiful fighter till the last--always felt even death felt sorry to take life of such  wonderful human being so early ,,a blotless life,,a life with all the fulfillments a woman wishes in her life,,a angel who chose her hubby who was equal good as her ,,the most iron willed man i have known ,,,even a serious medical ailment still gets defeated by the stubborn will power ,,i have wondered were they each other handpicked by god to be together ---i have met many couples but noone goes above them ,,not just because they were my parents ,,they were tht good,,,i hear even after all these years people sayin the same whenever i meet old frds of them ,,in a world where divorces and misunderstandings are order of day their life seems alien ,,they were never far away from each other till moms last breath 
                               I never wished for anythin whilst the time i kept admirin them both on every weddin anniversary till 2002 ,,,and even after that i keep wishin them ,,not everyone got what i got --spending time watchin the most ideal couple i have known --by bein that true --showing me what was life - i have treasured every moment of the past ,,making sure their vision together is realised by playing some part of mine in that ,,
                 "To mom---i know u are watching this and shedding a tear for not being with dad ---just know hes with capable hands --the hands u never let go when we were born --ur children will make sure he celebrates lot more wedding anniversaries before meeting u again sumtime --anythin i achieve is of u both ,,even if i dont achieve anythin --i was born to u both --that itself is a unparalled pride and privelege which surpasses anythin i do in my lifetime "
               "Happy wedding anniversary--mom and dad --love u both for all u did and doin in my life --its priceless and unforgettable  "

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