Sunday, September 4, 2011

Couple Of Nosecuts --Pleasant Thought Provokin Ones But !!!

                                           Ok todays blog  is about the past weekend where i got lot of nosecuts but meaningful ones nevertheless
          Nosecut 1;
                          I met one of my friends father who i knew the best part of 5 years,,sumtimes he surprised me with his too orthodox style and meticulous workethics--his life seemed too computerised to me hardly showing any emotions at all so much his son,daughter and family all sort of hated them ,,as it happens with stupid bachelors like me we are left sumtimes with no explanations when we r caught with ppl whom we dont like much,,we have to sit along with them and just listen to silence with unwanted people,,,
                         I noticed him writing a address from a piece of newspaper cutting,,,he was writing  and keeping a few 10 rupee notes in them ,,i was curious and asked him "Uncle whats it u r doing?"---his answer was look with irritation,,obviously he did not like me or my question at tht time ,sumhow i dont know i thought is he thinkin too much of himself --ok let me  make  more irritated then ",i asked bit mockingly "what u r gona send ur amount to president of america ?"---i thought he might get angry but why care ,,he disrespects everyone ,,let him learn sumthin?--to my amazement he turned back to me and said calmly --u wanna know what im doin rite --im sending 40 rupees to this hospital for this ad in the newspaper ,sayin so handed me that cutting of news paper --it had a advertisement of a family appealing to the public asking for help for a kidney transplantation for a kid --i read it and saw him again
                     He continued "i was born in a very poor family --my mother said to me i was helped by a village elderly person for expenses of my birth ---there was not a day where my mom would not mention that --im a middle class man --earning just pension now -- but ever since my first month salary i have been doin this ,,though i cant spend much i make it point to never stop to send what is left ,,at the most i can send to just one person and i know its not much--i have been doin it for 36 years --my 40 rupees might not save tht person --i cant guarantee it ,,but wht if the person dies of not having the 40 rupees?? ,,,if the elderly person had not done tht then i would have never seen this world ,I dont see if its president  of America or anyone --my little  contributions will stop only  when my heart beat stops -i was given a calm lesson on why certain old people appear so odd ,,they see the priorities in life ,,while we see the flashiness in life ---nosecut and left dumbfounded bit,, i left the house with the thought have i ever done that in my life --if not when will i do sumthing like tht ---it got to me ,,the future will have the answer :)

Nosecut 2 ;
              This was with my frd with whom i always had funniest conversations ,,rarely serious talks i have with him ,,,he was sincere guy,funloving,hardworking, ,,as many he was bit by love bug --5 years -- still  waiting for his familys approval he had been tirelessly tryin ,,i always mocked him as much as a non believer of  the word "love" should do ---he again sadly said to me after a latest disapproval from his family "what am i gona do without her ?--how can i accept sum other girl in my life other than the girl i love ?(his dad was obviously askin him to marry a girl on arranged marriage )
              I as usual said  jokingly said to him---why u wanna be a devdas?i dont understand why u crib around this ---Is ur dad askin u to kill sumone for u to feel like this ? whats gona happen ??--he replied "Its about sumthin called "TRUST"--its killing the trust of sumone on me --its as good as killing sumone ---"I dont imagine a life with her  "(looking at me so fiercely with a ridiculous smile )---"I know my lifes is only with her "--so the trust will never be broken,,patted on my back and left 
           Mayb he was right ,,maybe i might prove him wrong--again i was left to thinkover bit--future holds the answer who knows??
           But i know one thing for sure ,,next time i must take extra minutes and think  before making a dig or end up with nosecuts like this --but they taught me few lessons --pleasant nosecuts they were though
:) :)

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