Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A detail look into Irom Sharmila and Human Right Activist Sengodi --How many of us know about them ?--Is Fame the Name Of Game Always ?


Irom Sharmila--Arrested,,forcefully fed ,,arrested again--how many of us know her struggles--11 LONG YEARS FASTING
               Annas Hazareji's effort may have finally ended in sucess ,,,although its still debatable till its actually brought in use ,,its a victory for indian people --Hazareji represented people wish and fought wonderfully ,but there was one incident which irked me ,,i read that Hazareji had written a letter to " Irom Sharmila "to come and join with him in corruption,i felt it grossly unfair personally ,,while im supporter of Hazareji non violence sincere fights against a corrupted govt ,,i still feel it was not right personally to ask her support when noone had helped her in her 11 year struggle 
              I read few days later that "Irom sharmila "calling the fight as artificial ---i could understand her pain --she was not against hazarejis fight ,,she was not able to believe her 11 yr struggle has got no recognition while
Tv channels,,,news media ,,,made the fasting as one of the most publicised events in indian history ,,,while its appreciable of the efforts to bring corruption --u cant help but think its for increasing TV ratings and garner fame in whatever way possible --if not so i would like to ask the following questions
       *  Why has Irom Sharmila struggle not been recognised and why hazareji wrote a letter to her when he had not helped her in her fight in any way --even a support letter when she was strugglin?
       *  11 years to  this Novemeber she has been on fast --force fed ,,arrested ,,released,arrested ,,yet her single issue of  erasing a dangerous controversial law which ultimately consumed many people not brought to limelight --it seems price of her life even matters nothing because it doesnt bring fame --shortly  all these tv channels ,,media find it no worth as there doesnt seem to be guarantee of fame ( A leading news channel in today's newspaper clearly carried out their motive as they took great pride in mentioning that their   news channel highly watched during fasting  --refer--Times of India -06/09/11,,)
      *Why were people not brought to awareness of her struggle --how many of us know who she is and what her struggle is for --here it is 

Who is Sharmila?
Irom Sharmila Chanu is  also called The Iron Lady of Manipur. Born on March 14, 1972, Sharmila is a political activist who has been on a fast since November 2, 2000, when she was just 27-year-old. She demanded that the Centre repeal the  Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA), which allowed the Army to indefinitely detain any citizen on suspicion of being a rebel. Having refused food and water for more than 10 years, she has been called “the world’s longest hunger striker”. The government is now force-feeding her with the help of a tube in judicial custody. She was arrested on charges of “attempt to commit suicide” and released after completion of a year’s sentence since  Section 309 of the IPC says a person who “attempts to commit suicide” is punishable “with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend up to one year.
   If u think thats unfair  the following incident  is sadly even more unfair      

When will people support such actions -we all saw wht people power did to the government ---how much do u need to show the importance of ur fight --GIVE UP UR LIFE ----WELL EVEN THT WAS NOT ENOUGH --- HUMAN RIGHTS  ACTIVIST SENGODI  --WHO COMMITTED SELF IMMOLATION FOR THE RELEASE OF TRIO WHO ARE CONDEMNED TO GALLOWS --HARDLY GOT THE NEWS,,
 Activist Sengodi's written letter---a leading newspaper wrote that she did this on love failure --this proves it was not for tht
Human Right activist Sengodi after self immolating her --heart wrenching scene 

 While i personally felt she could have stood and fought in a different way , ,,,in the end even sacrificing her life has got no attention and a leading newspaper put it across in the most pathetic manner saying she died because of love failure ,,Unbelievably careless or unbelievably arrogant--god knows!! ,,but i  thought a 11 day fast garnered unbelievable support from us all but what abt all these peoples noble efforts,why r we kept in dark ,,is it not time to make a statement in these incidents --is it not duty of media ,paper ,,us to do sumthing abt it?

    Irom Sharmila might be in fasting for her life if we dont recogonise the cause of her fight ,,,we wont stop more self immolation like social activist Sengodi if we dont understand the cause ,,the need ,,But sadly as things roll on its obvious tht fame is the name of the game ,,,and we just seem to be following it like robots programmed to be so ,,

     "Be the change you want to see --Mahatma Gandhiji words "---the question is" Do we want to see a change ??--If "Yes" is the answer then we should start doin sumthin about such incidents ,,do our bit in tryin to do sumthin for things like this to not happen again,,,For a change let us not go after fame and make it follow us  if needed by fighting for more causes than just one ,,the final line should be simple -if there is injustice we will stand up --it should be same for media ,,politicals activists and everyone --otherwise we might just be seeing endless Irom sharmilas and sincere souls like Sengodi(May her sincere soul R.I.P) immolating themselves ,,,it should be stopped and i know only one force can do it -"People"--wishing it happens sumday ,,,,,

(I hope it is understood all these are strictly a personal views told in better interest of awareness to few-and not meant to hurt anyone --if hurt unknowingly im sorry for tht --the purpose of my blog is certainly not tht )


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