Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Ma Beautiful Mom

          Wishin the person who made me what im --on her 53rd bday -Happy Birthday to the most wunderful person i had in my life --My Mom
            The best thing that happened in my life was been born to great parents ,,specially a very very unique mother ,,,Mothers are very special --you were very very special ---you not only literally gave life to me --You gave me the real meaning and direction of my life --you were nothing short of magical and miraculous in my life
         There was a time in my life when days and nights were all together with you by my side ,,,My best memories of my school life was you--i had not much friends --i had not much fun--i was not bright ,,i was not much liked --but i had you--you wanted me to do sumthing  beyond my true capability,,i could not fail u ,,ur true love --it made me do things against my wish
          Then there was a time when i refused to goto college --discontinue it in the middle--low on confidence --fear of acheiving my ambition ---my fears never scared u as it threatened me---i saw at that moment that i was living with a very special person--a person who beleived in me than i did or was capable of
          I remember touching your hands every day as years went it had become so rough --u always smiled touching my cheeks saying nothing,,,now i realise why---seein the washing machines nowadays -i remem those days how u use to wash all tht with your own hands for your  children to look bright -- --i knew always  u were  the best thing that happened in my life
          I dont remember one moment when u slapped me or hit me in anger which u had all the rights and reasons to do so many times -where did u get all the patience ?--where did u get all that love and where did u get tat wonderful smile ?---i could not find answer to them all ,,but i cherish that smile --gosh u had a smile that i never saw in anyone --unmatched heavenly smile !
         I now can understand how u celebrated ur birthdays --i can see my own locker having lot of shirts i got on your bday and i saw your own locker recently it had the same things --nothing had added --your bday was meant to be celebrated for your children to have gifts and sweets ,,nothing for u --absolutely nothin
         I remember asking as a young boy --do u also go to god?--u replied wth a smile ---"I wont ,,i will be with u as long as u want "--u kept ur word alright --u still remain with me --not physically but in every other means possible
         Probably the only relationship that never expects anythin in this world is that of a mother ---in my case that was true --you never expected me to reach ur dreams ---you always made me try to realise that my  dreams were possible --I saw god in you till you were with me --i was absolute useless piece of mud till u decided to change my life --i dont know whether i changed  as u wanted   or realised my dreams a u wished  --but i know  i tried and am tryin  hard now too because of all your efforts ,for ur unbridled care and love u showered on me like none
          From the moment i held ur hand to walk in my childhood  to the time i waved goodbye in my school time,to the time i came back running to you in fear of failing in my life to hold ur hand tight again ,,,to the time i finally held it to kiss farewell forever ---i remember every moment --those were the best happiest moments of my life --i never wanted to recreate those moments -i treasured each and every moment -my walk without you had no pattern initally but slowly it had ,the more i realised what a wunderful person i had ,the more i realised about ur wishes and dreams ,,now im a better man ,,a calmer guy ,,,but with more admiration and amazement of what a special person i had not realisin then but nowa very proud son for having such a great mother
         So here it is --to the most complete person i knew ,,to the most lion hearted lady who defied even death ,,to the angel who made me realise my worth ,to the most influential person of my life ,to the most amazin person i had in  my life ---to my wunderful mom ,,
                Your luving Son,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Shanmu .

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