Friday, September 16, 2011

Its Heart And Will That Matters ---U Proved It Right --"Happy Bday Rohit Garhwal -My Brother"!!!

 "All I have is my heart and soul thats all,,,but with them  i will make sure there is a meaning for what im here"
             "  Dedicated to my luvely brother Rohit Garhwal --On his birthday ---Sep17---happy bday bro--u have been a hell of a inspiration !! "

With Rohit Garhwal 3 years back in Bangalore
Unforgettable memory of meeting a unforgettable person!!
                The first time i saw this brother of mine was in bangalore in Dec 2008 ---after being online frds for more than 3 years till then -the first meeting told me this guy was  wunderful human being --i landed in railwy station at 3.30 in mornin --my train was schduled to be at 5--and i knew noone other than him there,,and there he was ,,waitin with a unforgettable smile at 3.30 in mornin ,the sincerity and care to hel sumon whom trusted him be it at cost of his comforts was unique -its amost now nearly 6 odd years i hve been friend to this guy and its just been a pleasure and priveleage to be a friend to such a wunderful human being --one of the best guys i have known in life for his soft nature ,, helpin tendency and remarkable humility despite achievin o much so young
                I was never pushed to my limits in my young age ,born in a above average family --i did not have to put the hard steps to earn my due ,,,in that sort of way i never knew wht it will be for sumone to do the opposite of what i was in my young age ,,,it never struck me until i met this person Rohit Garhwal---yes you may question --whats the big deal --he's your friend --u r entiltled to say so --but have a look at the articles on this guy u will know what im sayin about

                              The world knew this guys was special  because he was so obviously talented ,,he could not be left out for long not being noticed,,  ,,but i know personally how much hard work it has taken him to be  what he is now ,,,how many stressful nights ,,how many days with bleak future beckoning ,,walkin in the streets with weary legs and weary mind of constant travelling and a tirin job pushing him to limits in every aspect ,,with a troublesome financial conditions and a family to be looked into ,,absolutely nothing to fall upon and everythin to be cursed ,,hearing  all these  news scared me sumtimes that he was destined to go downhill --but nothin made him give up his dream --his destination was always impossible as it seemed but  ,,he was always after it with belief hunting down at it relentlessly,,till it eventually appeared in  his realms of possibilities !!!
               Now a secured future in prospect ,,the  guy works even hard in his  hard earned seat in IIM Ahmedabad ,,,nothin is substitute to him for hardwork ,,,The scary future ,,the tired legs ,,the heavy worload of takin care of a family ,,,forlorn talks of pursuin his dream instead of his family and surrounding --i could imagine how dicey a decision  it might have been to bury your dream for a equally required necessity of accepting responsibility .
             Not one soul i remember be it  his friends( few of whom are my best frds now)  or ,from his lovely sister -have one different opinion abt him-all have same admiration for him as i have -yet he walks away as if hes least bothered and hes not one for the adulation he richly deserves ,,,his humility stood out always ,,,yes he has his flaws but who doesnt ,,but hes to me better than many that he accepts his flaws ,,works on his strengths and takes every torturin ,treacherous situation as a challenge to be quelled ,,i know many of his achievements are damn good  because some of them were in my childhoods dreams ,,,i left those dreams midway and succumbed to pressures,,sumtimes to see that achieved by ppl whom u admire and love sumwhat brings peace to a forgone guilt ,"To you  brother --its been the most heart warming story that i have seen in my life--despite blow after blow --the single bloody mindedness of  a gritty fighter u are --finally you are on the way u rightfully deserve--u deserve every praise that is possible ,,,for u have carried urself with highest possible dignity ,unparalled love for ur close mates ,,and mind bogging sincerity in every field u go ,,as far as role model,,gud human being ,,brilliant person,,affectionate brother--u have been the perfect example if i had ever to cite one !!
          "THOUGH KNOWN FOR 6 ODD YEARS -I HAVE MET THIS WONDERFUL BROTHER IN REAL JUST ONCE AND SPENT JUST 6 ODD HOURS"--i wonder what i would have been if i had the opportunity to have spend more time with him in real,,some ppl are  born to inspire ---u r surely one for me alright  ---Happy bday Rohit Gaddu Garhwal!!

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