Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Your Life Was Like A Beautiful Flower With Everlasting Fragrance And Will Be So Forever - R.I.P !!

                          In remembrance of the girl who was a miracle in my life --on her 3rd anniversary --You were a miracle who i never believed until you left --Miss you always--R.I.P
                "U never appreciate what you have when u have "----i dont know about others but this fits me well,,the best things u have in your life dont last forever --but when u realise the worth ---u know its pretty late --nothin freezes in this world --no matter how much we wish it to be so with certain parts of our lives 

                Sum people are meant to be immortal --My beautiful mom is certainly like that in my life and if anyone gave me goosebumps as much as my moms memories did it was u -my dear angel --God knew probably not everyone born in this world are genius to know the purpose of their lives ,thats why he sent people like you to make the world a better place .

                 U were the person with the second best smile i had seen in my life --the girl who lived a life to fullest even though it was all but 26 years in this world --Scaringly good  in looks and talks ,exceedingly amazing as a writer --till date the best writer who has inspired me to write whatever my heart feels  --some of her words  were amazing for me ,,a bundle of positive energy ,,a flower with a ever lasting fragrance --that is how i will remember you and by few other words u uttered like

                " Your anger is like drizzle in a breeze--but your love is like breeze itself "--Probably the best lines i have ever been complemented in my life

                " I cant think abt my future --it brings fears-i dont think about the painful past either --it brings fears --but this moment is what it all counts --if i die the next moment --i will be a happy person alright "

                "My life is not a bed of roses --who cares--i will take the roses --this life is not such a bad place to be"

                "I know love came to me naturally--i dont want to live artificially ever since it came"(She loved a useless guy for 6 years relentlessly )

                "Im not what you see but if this is what makes you happy --i will be so forever  "--you were  always keen on doin somthing for others ,3 years since u have left the admiration and respect only grows on what a amazing human being you were

                 A ardent sincere worker in social organisations and a regular visitor to orphanages --i remember u  once said seein orphanages kids --"we could have been very well one of them --maybe god was kind on us --i dont want them to feel that god was not kind on them --atleast for these few hours im there they musnt"-i must reiterate here that  i was never a believer in all these stuffs earlier in my life but now do .

                 Maybe you were  always born to be misunderstood --you were the calmest person i have seen in my life--nothing stopped you from trying your best in everything you did --you were the miracle i never believed ,,the person who silently influenced my thoughts--the reason behind me understanding that relationship and friendship are sumthin very important in life --maybe  you the reason i sumtimes believe that a girls love and care are incomparable to anything in this world  --its my perspective

                Now everytime im pressed to break a friendship or a relationship --i remember you --you never broke a relationship even when you had few  quarrels ,,it was easy for sumone like u who never had ego,anger ,,Your life was lesson in itself --a book-- whose pages i never get tired in reading them --a very sincere and wonderful meaningful life ,,

              I know u must be at peace with God ,,or rather i should say he must happy having sumone like you along with him,,you were remarkable ,,unbelievable and one of the purest souls i have ever known in my life --your memories are cherished --Yours was a life that had nothing but good deeds and it was excruciatingly sad to see your end succumbed to the one thing you were a  incomparable queen--- "Love"

           I end with what i wrote on your first anniversary
             "Death is a coward --it follows us like a shawdow till our last and on our last moment comes in front of us and smiles --but i bet when it did come in front of u--it would have said "Sorry""
                            "R.I.P my evergreen Queen of Love "---Thanks for the unforgettable memories and moments
  With Lots of respect and admiration----Your Good friend :)

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