Sunday, October 2, 2011

After All Money Cant Buy Everything The Heart Wishes -It Took Me 8 Years To Have One Good Soulful Lunch!!!

 (Sincerely written in thanks after a heart warming lunch from my darling sister Archana and her hubby Karthick)   

             "I ran from nook and corner to get a meal  with that "special something"--it took me 8 odd years to have that feeling ---i have ran thousands of miles in desperation of that but if it means i have to run another thousand miles to feel the same way --i will --to me it means a lot --hell  a lot "

My sweet sister Archana and her Hubby Karthik.,
                                                            It began as a dull day ,,this sunday ,,but it became a heart warming day for me by noon after a lunch --whats the deal abt a lunch --you might tend to ask?--well only from a personal point of view it was monumental --after all at the end of day --no matter how many crores u earn --what it matters is 3 "good meals" a day --the word "good meal " means more than what it literally means --i will tell u why it means from my past instances
     Rewinding to 15 years back(approximately)-at night 12
                                                           After i did not find my choice of food missing in 6 varieties of food prepared by mom for guests,,i went to sleep half stomach full showing anger to my mom and acting as if im gona sleep with sadness --i got nothing back other than  just a look and a smile ---2 hrs later well past midnight ---when i was asleep and everyone was --i saw sumone waking me up --i woke up and found mom with what i wanted "--a part of me jumped out of me and jumped in ecstacy feeling like achieving something,  --not realising the trouble i had caused to my mom,,worse thing was i repeated that quite a few number of times until mom left for a call from above
                                                          Ever since that fateful day --i have been running non stop from shop to shop --hotel to hotel --with money in hand and a empty desperate heart begging for a soulful meal--it sort of dawned in me this is life --u have to go through it everyday just hoping --in todays fast world we forget how wonderful it is to have sumone sit near you ,,crack some jokes ,,talk about life --we used to call that "family time "when i was a kid ,,the time when the whole family or most of it sit around a meal not demanding for our favourite food rather than basking in the happiness of having company --of having people who give us a soulful meal --a meal from the heart ,a meal which means a untold peace,,,
                                                        In real terms i dont remember what i had for lunch today ,,i knew i had lot after long time --happily--this was not money which got me food as it does mostly for me for last few years--all i remember was somebody was sitting with me after long time,a sister who i dearly yearn to have spent lot more time in my life  ,,smilingly serving food with happiness and purest of hearts  ,,i realised what im now -the strolls along shops to find sumthing to eat,,the gazes at skies hoping my search will stop soon,a gasp of breath seeing a family goin together making jokes ,sumtimes even a family living in a hut by a river made me wish i was with them to share a meal -a lonely guy lost in the fast paced of life  ,,missing lot of essential things in life which money cant buy ---i know people who reach my age now are of same case --missing the essential things due to the fast paced nature of life but we have to remember one thing --work will never give the happiness these things give--things like spending 10minutes with your family during food time --10 minutes of a stroll in park with elderly people in your family --all it takes a few minutes of your life to see how kind god  is giving us sumone and how beautiful life can be if only properly realised
                                                       For me life seems a complete mess in some ways  as i m again preparing to start the run of thousand miles hoping to see and feel another soulful meal --if it means im on for sumthing special as today which had the wonderful feeling of all i wished --a lunch from a close family person --a sister who is married and a mother herself --but  remains  a child at heart -a lovely down to earth hubby who is one of the most down to earth persons i have met in my life ,,quality happy ,,unforgettable time it was-but im matured enough to understand the brash realities of life too- a married sister cant be troubled regularly ,,missing that great mother who was too great to be here with me --and being single also stops me the last option for looking for sumone to fill that void  --i regret a bit and feel sorry for myself a bit too at this stage --but im happy to have savoured some special moments in my life --and its fair to say the tear in corner of my eye after my lunch was a apology   to my mom --apology for the actions during those nights which i troubled her relentlessly -- While i enjoyed this day with these lovely people and certainly cherish it to my last  ---i dont want it to happen everyday because i know its too precious to be yearned for every day --so i start the run again --8 years or 80 years i will never stop --its what life is all about --searching for eternal happiness --there will be sumone like that in your life --just make sure u dont ignore them unknowingly ---nothing lasts forever --certainly not life --but if recognised such moments do last for eternity--be part of such lovely moments u will know what im talking about :)

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