Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lets Give Importance To People Who Count In Our Lives !!!!

          "If u hope to survive any friendship or relationship based on convenience then break ups should be inevitable "
                                                           Today evening i was challenging a cousin brother of me for a nonsense talk about movies and some useless crap ,,then there came a interesting talk,,he asked me "Bro have had any break ups in your life be it frdship or any relationship ???---i knew he has had sum sort of break up with sumone recently --but answering to the point i said "yep had quite a few "--he went on asking me "have u ever thought of any reason or any similarity with all those things bro ???
                                                         As it is i avoided answering the question and diverted the discussion back to some stupid topics and went for some fun talk ,,on the way back which was pretty late in evening i just revisited the question again while driving back,,that was very sharp question from a guy who has just crossed his teens ,,that he did not realise the sharpness of that question showed he was out of his teens just now ,,lol
                                                     My frd used to say "Everyone can solve their own  problems "--there could not be a better summarisation of what life is in perspective--but i always had this feeling --Yes you as a grown individual--you can solve ur problems --think about your family --think about your future --think about your everything ---every individual is perfectly entilted to go the way but my only question is "ARE WE  PROGRAMMED ROBOTS ???-that is a answer you have to answer inidividually .
                                                    I have had queer instances where i believed i will never part ways with some and i eventually did --and some other instances i have tried to let go the other close person but eventually they came back never to leave --many times in my blogs you would have found me sayin the two choices we make in life are our life partner and our frds for life --its practical reality that as u grow older the list dwindles to very few but therein lies the danger of being left all alone or trying your sincere best to not let go the people you choose to be in your most important list of people who u believe and trust .
                                                  My analysis of the question which my cousin asked for me as a individual --"is there a similarity in break up?"--"Yes is the answer---i found out thinking about the few break ups in recent memory --it was due to one of the two person involved taking the frdship or relationship on their own convenience--i mean its easy to site  you workload ,,your work pressure,,your daily routine not allowing you to remember your role --well i have just one clear word of advice for that --if u want to say endless reasons better be strong to accept the break up and move on --because the difference will only be in timelimit --but the end happening is inevitable
                                               Yes this comes with the thought im about to break up with couple of known people --i have had amazing relationships with few people  ,,some wonderful frdship --still have few of them though not all --i decided to cling my dear life on the ones who are left because i cant afford anymore in the exit door --but one thing that is unacceptable in any form of frdship is hoping to carry a relationship on the basis of ones own comfortability --it certainly wont work out --as frdship happens between two people brought up in completely different situations mostly and its hard to expect sumone to understand the other fully enough to accept the thought you wish they understood better.
                                           I know the pain of break ups --had few of them -on the brink of breaking a long term frdship  too because acting is not what im good at----its no joy at all to break up--the stains  remain forever--if u want to be a brother or a frd or a caring lover or any relation  --u must be prepared to go the distance of making the other person know that u r making an effort to make the relationship a everlastin one,,if not be ready to accept eventuality -- as human beings we need our happiness to be shared --our sadness to be heard --our love to be understood --our frdship to be accepted --all these can be possible if you are ready to come out of your comfort zone --and do the rightful things --hoping to prolong on the basis on one's comfortability and on one's own leisure time is like expecting fragrance from  paper rose --it will never come no matter how long u wait
                 "Its a single short life why not make it worth --its hard to choose sumone --its impossible to lose that sumone --we are always doing the impossible easily --for a change lets  give importance to people who count :)

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