Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" I Miss You"-A word of mystical beauty!!!

                                       I recently wrote to sumone so close to me in a mail  "I Miss you "with a heavy heart and once i finished writing that i got a thought --this word has followed  me peculiarly for longer than i can imagine ,and a thought crossed in my mind to think about the same a little deeply 

                                              "Love"is the word that is most in the world want to feel the best ,,,nothing comes close to that ,,but for me the word "Missing u"is the word that always had a mystically beautiful value than any other word in my life.      
                                               The first time i said the word was with my first standard teacher --"I Miss u teacher "--Mrs.Rozario ,,,it seemed then a meaningless expression of saying goodbye to sumeone ,,then as in school days it is not much used as u r a tight knit with students ,teachers and family ---The word "MissU " never pros up in young age where life is like roses in garden frozen of our innocence ,,i sumtimes wondered why life seemed frozen with happiness during the school days --why was all these mystical pain then not  there?,,,we were bound by all yet unbound by fate,,unpressured by society ,but ever since those days got over ,,when innocence paved way to shattering realities ,when a beauttful frozen part of life melted to realities in matter of seconds ,,,
                                I   heard  once quite a phrase in my school days which was a Anglo Indian School  
                                             "I send you as a sheep among wolves "--- dont remember exact reference of the quote but it was words i remembered very well for long time ,,but when life unfolded this is what i got to know  --it was perfect summarisation of life in a nutshell where the denial comes only from non acceptance of truth 
                                              At a time in  my teenage where i was made to believe that love was all that u should have and go for life --i felt alien to it ,,it never came to me nor  did i go near it ,,but the word missing haunted me as a pack of wolves ,,that is what i perceived it then , i said it more times than the word love in my life --I was scared for sumtime to say that word as i felt it would mean ending whatever happiness i had ,,that was scary thought in itself ,,accepting was like a nightmare .
                                           After My school days i asked my most respected teacher Mr.Rasheed Sir  in school who is sadly now no more  on farewell day  "Whats the fuss abt this Sir  --I dont miss anyone in school  Sir with a cheeky smile ",,I got a  stern reply "Sumday u will ,,when u do,,just remember life is a lonely journey   where u dont take anyone every minute"--I did not realise it till my college was over ,,,only after that was i grounded to mind boggling reality that missing sumone is inevitable because u r never accompanied by anyone every minute for life
                                           Missing became a part of my life from then on--Right  from missing my mom,,Missing my Sweetheart,,now Missing My Soulmate ,,Missing all of my best frds because of distance ,,I kept  saying everytime silently "I Miss You"in hope of having a opportunity to spend more real time but we know the reality dont we !!!
                                           " I wont  say  I will Miss you because i know it ends there whatever there was "--it was uttered by my best friend in girls and probably the only person who i still feel as epitome of kindness who never ever expected me to be otherwise ,,I wish i never said  that to anyone --but as i recently did in that mail--i got a frank realisation that those words are the ultimate expression of gratitude and respect u have on sumone u love and love endlessly ,,,
                                          "Missing sumone is not a bad thing -its good thing to have because u know u loved sumone dearly even if went unrealised --It is better to have loved sumone to miss them everyday rather than Missing the person  without loving ---
                                           As my sir said "Life is a lonely journey "--i dont regret loving sumone neither do i regret saying "I Miss You "to the person i loved .,,By doing so the relationship might have gone but the love remains forever a happy memory .



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