Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes Birthdays are wonderful unforgettable days in life !!

                                     As i wished my darling sister Pinku  a birthday wish on early hours of today albeit for a minute ,,it felt wonderful,,so wonderful that it could not be put in words ,,generally all birthdays of my close ones have been the same way and im not a teenage guy ,,but birthdays never stopped me exciting even if it was for not for me but my closed ones  ,,At that moment i got a thought --Whats the most wonderful wish i have got in my life ?i instantly remembered a memorable wish  which i quote as from the person
         "Happy birthday to you--May u live a long happy life  and let my voice be the one u hear last "
                                   At that point of time ,,when life was bubbling with endless fun,,it seemed just another filmi dialogue ---but now when i remember the card and person --it felt different --it meant special --to be part of sumones happy thoughts is not easy ,,,thats why i feel birthdays of close ones should be given some importance because the mark that it leaves in your heart by doing so is "Indeligible"
                                 I had this obsession from my young age to ask people whom i confront regularly abt their date of birth and their age ,,,initially it was out of stupid childish fun,,but later it became a sort of habit where i recorded instantly when sumone close said abt their bdays ,,it got to my mind that sumhow it was a special never meant to be forgotten,,Im now 30 --i have been doin this for last 25 yrs ,,i rarely forget my close frds bdays even now  ,,for me it is joy to be part of  other persons bday because it brought me happiness to make sumone happy ,,in reality birthdays are meant only to be so ,,arent they ?
                              Have u ever asked yourself ---Which is most precious bday gift ?Which was my unforgettable bday ?What was biggest surprising incident of my birthday life ?--think in any way there will be sumthin that happened on your birthdays ,,it is that sort of day ,,its not a day where u r meant to give or receive gifts to mark it special ,,ITS YOUR PART IN THAT MORE THAN ANYTHIN
                               For me my birthday celebrations were very less as i had few frds and it always fell during exams in school and college --i rarely celebrated it in big way ,,although there is no denial of me having a special remembrance in every bday of mine ,,this blog site is a bday gift from my brother dipu which came as a pleasant surprise and one of the best gifts i have had ever had and will have in my life and there was one special incident i remember i celebrated with a small girl many years ago
                             " After a whole day of my birthday had gone dull with nothing as is the case of 25 plus guys ,i went to meet a small girl whom i had named as "Small Subha "--expecting nothing but went to give chocolates to her and her friends before calling it a day --i just had a chat with her and gave the chocolates and felt it a customary act to complete wht i came gave the chocolates,,but then the tiny little darling girl held my hand when i was about to leave she caught my hand and said "anna happy bday this is for u "--she had in her hands a tiny single piece of cake with 26 match sticks arranged in orderly manner and asked me to blew that for her --i felt speechless ,,at that time she was surviving from life consuming disease and with no family to support --she was surviving on her will and heart .
                             I had tears in my eyes --probably the last time i was left speechless with heart full of happiness and eye full of tears in gratitude --on my birthday ---Small subha --is no more ---she finally succumbed to that disease after showing a lion hearted fighting spirit surviving the disease on will more than anything ,,but she lived a special life --and there is not a single birthday that goes without thinking abt her --i always get a smile thinkin abt the incident --i wished always to be that in others birthdays -remembering you for right reasons is very important -near you or far away from u doesnt matter
                         Life goes in a flash --u dont have 100 birthdays to be part of ur closer ones or the ones u love ,,,beyond restriction of pressures ,commitments ,,work ,,there is sumthing important to make a contribution in others life whatever minor way it may be ,,and what  better to do it than our loved ones  birthday --Life is not only to live our way but to share it with the ppl who matter in our lives  ,,it is a unparalled joy incomparable to anythin ,,,so always when u think --its just a close ones birthday --rememeber to be a part of it as long as possible because life doesnt go the way we wish --lets make the special moments count and count in a memorable way to be remembered for lifetime


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