Sunday, November 20, 2011


     Not in greatest moods i heard a quote i read many years ago being quoted again by a person who i learned a lot and was in a conversation when he related that quote with his life and as a advice to me
        "I would lose my pride than lose sumone i love--I know when i lose my pride it hurts --but when i lose sumone i love i feel im dead --As far as im concerned im concerned all i want to do is feel alive not dead "

        It came from a person whom i respected lot ,,learned lot ,,,,i was at crossroads of a important decision in my life ,To be a loner with peace or be a struggler with surroundings who come along with a  chain of emotional trauma  was the question ringing in my head--it seemed a question that bugged me for quite a while and i was searchin a answer and maybe she provided it unknowingly .
        Life goes in the path u choose and not necessarily in the way  you  wished it to be --the only way we can win a loved persons ego or attitude is leaving our own --99 times out of 100 it never happens ,,why ?the question of pride steps in --and once that steps in then automatically the words BREAK UP,PAINS ,TEARS all follow --its like the word comes with all these BONUS features ,,and more after that . Still not beleive this --i have heard the following --i bet sumwhere u might have witnessed or heard it too
     A father has a tiff with his son on a incident and he finally swears" i will never see u again  for"THIS" act of yours "
      A brother or sister having a tiff after marriage in their lives with seperate families after a incident "I hope u will be good wherever you are --after "THIS" incident its tough to be same "
      Two friends  after a misunderstanding  say to themselves "How could he do this to me ?im not gonna be in touch with him /her again after "THIS "incident  
       A husband or wife part way with each other quoting"After "THIS" there is nothin"and in most cases it is not about infedility or wrong doings it is basic misunderstanding on one or two issues ,,again my perspectve from what i have heard,seen and felt

       and in many other relationships it is that same final line with the word "THIS"
         Now in all there is some word i have highlighted --the word "THIS"---that to me isthe real sad part of any relationship that is on crossroads --you summarise a whole relatonship on the basis of "THIS ONE INCIDENT"--Seriously??? --if we sit and think deeply it is  not the truth --the question of hurting our "PRIDE"is ignited by one incident ---and subsequently we are ready for any consequences ---alas the bigger picture is never seen --there should have been hell a lot of good reasons for that relationship to be formed and trusted --but  the breaking part comes the moment the question of hurting ones  pride sets in ,,
       "  Pride is probably the worst possible demon in mind  if uncontrolled --for the simple reason it always ends up being a winner --but who is  the loser --everyone involved --thats why its the worst possible demon if uncontrolled --it should be a pinch in our lives and not what our lives are about "
         Back to my question which was ringing my heads --"Whether be a loner --be at a fake peace --and with pride intact "or "Be a struggler with hell of lot disappointments "i got only one line in my mind
"PRIDE --THY FALL BY THEE"----and all i want to be as of now is not to be a example for that ,,only time will tell

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