Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Lesson Learnt !!!!

                           "Life keeps showing  you doors to wisdom --its left for us to find the keys "
                                      I lived for best part of my life in Trichy-- more than 25 years--and i lived in a higher end of society -- a society where u r restricted to follow others perceptions without a option or have a wrong perception about sumthing and strictly beleive forever --atleast that is what i saw myself in ---was having a great time there --taking care of business and having less  pressure never allowed me to see people as they are 

                                    Here in Chennai  I used to visit beaches at wee hours of night --nature is my only friend who never expects me to be otherwise --rarely do i interact with people there ,,but sumhow the beautiful place it is has become some sort of place where people try to view it as a spot where u can make money by various means ,,one such time some months back during very late  hours i happened to come across few people who were transgenders --i always from my younger days had some sort of aversion on such people for the very basic reason that i was brought up in a surrounding where they were treated with utter disrespect and money was thrown on their faces for them with frown faces and angry words said in utter dismay 

                                   That same habit followed me here too ,,that time not to be disturbed and already having a aversion thought i immediately gave whtever i had in my hand --thinking a 10 rupee note that time accidentally had given a 100 rupee note in haste of chasing them away  ,and they left immediately ,i continued my gaze on sea ,,today in a lot calm mind i drove down to beach again and was walking along the shores just watchin people move around,,kids playing around ,,suddenly i saw sumone coming towards me and  saw a person coming me to say h r u ---i hardly could remember the face ,,,the person continued saying and i quote from the persons own word "I just saw you and remembered that u gave me a 100 rupee note that day --did not say thanks then ,came to say that "--I again already having a aversion on such persons said  "Ok no probs"--took out some money to chase them away --i had this habit for long as i saw this the only way to end conversation with them ,,

                                  The transgender person replied "No thanks --i did not come to get money --i as a person have gone through tortures for accepting money far less than what u gave that day --i dont know  with what mind u gave that day  but u did that  without asking anything from me  --i wanna give u my blessings for that day --kept her hand on me ,,blessed me with words and left in a trace--everythin happened in a blink of a eye "In truth that was a very painful reflection of their life ,,how they are forced to do sumthin against their wish by lot of people  and the rest who dont torture them ---are like me with wrong fixed thoughts for years.

                                 25 years my perception on particular division of people was proved wrong --i felt ashamed and strange for a change --i took great pride in not believing what others perceived and here i was following what others perceived and not trying to find it for myself  ,,it was weird feeling driving back home ---i suppose i felt bit embarrased but that is nothing compared to what those people go through every day and every minute for no fault of theirs and becoming a prey to social pressure ,,after all they are human beings too --i saw them for all these years in wrong way --i saw them differently  now--they seemed like human beings with dignity and that should have been the way long time back .A Lesson learnt alrite :)

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