Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sumtimes the Inspiration u r looking might very well be "You".

This blog is sumwhat different from my blogs ,,its collection of true heart quotes of two persons whom i know dearly ,,or let it be two fantasy persons --but ultimately i felt that is reflection of what a persons mind genuinely goes through during tough times and the right spirit of two entirely diffferent mindsets end at same point--
"Im not brave--Im not fearless,,Im alone-But I have faith in me as long as i breath
every time im down --i try to rise --and will do till the day i keep on trying--because
sumwhere ,,sumone is watchin ---to emulate u,dont search for that person -dont stop
trying either--because sumtimes its not a question of living -its question of fighting
the inner demons and winning them fair and square-sumone else is waiting for baton
to be passed and carry the journey"

The other guy equally going through troubled times feels

"Im scared if the next moment is the last -have i done my bit? --Are there ppl who still
care about me? ,,do i have hurt sumone without sayin sorry?,,,im sick ,,will i be up to
rectify all these ,,what abt my future ,,my wife ,my to be born baby who is yet to see
the world -what am i gonna do ---I dont have answers to all these but i have
only one thing for sure ,,i will rise again at any cost "

Two persons going through hell ,incident after incident ,,accident after accident ,,trouble after trouble,,humiliation after humiliation,struggle after struggle ,,yet inbetween there are moments that are sprinkled with joy ,,very few ,,the other factors outshine them and throw them to pieces to be noticed ,,yet sumwhere there is this feeling for stronger of the two

"I give a damn as long as im alive i will keep punching above my weight "

The other more fragile loner with nothing to back except his will and unseen love from very few souls -reflected the same feelings in different manner

"I dont have guts to quit --so im gona do what i usually do--keep tryin to rise "

 In  reality both have a common end point although in a different perspective 

It doesnt need a film or leader or a winner or a known person to be a inspiration to you when you are down --"SUMTIMES THE INSPIRATION MIGHT BE WHAT YOU ARE ALREADY "
"Keep Fighting and Keep Rising "

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