Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year--Hoping in 2012 we all can make a difference for few more people :):)!!


                            "We all live in same world ,,,not all are destined to live a similar life--some live a tough life maybe its left for us to change their destinies and redefine ours --if we think we can change  their lives,Maybe a wonderful dawn is around the corner  "
                    What is ur plans for tomm machan my frd asked me ?--i said nothin just whale around with sum frds ,,,go around some happening place make fun---go to beach --and nothin big --enjoy the day ---he asked me really thats all?are we supposed to be like this till we die machan?---i asked him what u want to give me a big lecture to go to some temple and worship for goodness of the world --Cmon!!--im beleiver of god and good things but not a blind follower of what world does !!--he replied "Oh ya --so spending the new year with few frds in girls in parties and driving around the place and cutting cakes and enjoyin by urself enuf ???I in a reply of feeling instant insult and anger replied hastily --Oh yes if u have a better one please let me know abt one---maybe u wanna me booze around and buy few other some drinks and enjoy  the way u wish right?
                   That happened  in the early hrs of the day today -i duly apoligised for my stupid outburst but it stayed with me more than what i thought -somthin irked me --maybe he did not give me a solid reply of my hastiness to cover a truth he revealed unknowingly --this was no conversation between teens --it was between guys in the early 30s --probably the age when u wanna do sumthin different  rather than the same in ur life --the age where "Wants outdoes everything"--but sumwhere i do feel he was right --enjoyin the life to the  hilt in teens and early 20s is sumthing that can be excused not when u r in your the next stage of life --so what do we eventually do about the dawn of supposedly the year with hopes higher than ever in life ??
                 In a nutshell u never earn enough for ur life till ur last because the more u earn the more u want --that will keep on being the same till the last--but life is not same for all --sume wish to have 1 percent of what we have ---it is for us to give that to people who deserve them--"WE CANT CHANGE THEIR FATES BUT MAKE THEM FORGET THAT FOR SUMTIME ATLEAST -YES WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO FEW IF WE WISH AND I KNOW IT IS A BIG "IF"!!!

                                 I recently went to a handicap home with a frd of mine --she came all the way with me to the home and at the last moment stood outside --saying she cant see them like that and sleep easily --that is how we probably see them --we always see their inabilities and feel it may affect our happiness we neglect them sumtimes --but what we forget is we have happiness that can be shared--dont take me wrong --im was firmly in  that category for long time in my life until a beautiful person changed my perspective,,i was pushed to do that by her --even though im a regular visitor to some homes nowadays i cant enitrely say im putting my heart and soul into it because if i had done so --i would have replied to my friend with a thought say for example  --"Yes i have sum other plan and probably a dawn for few others" but i did not ,,guess thats how the world works out --its a selfish world where individual gains and mindless funs outdo necessary "things to do"in life

                              A mindless conversation ,,a friendly banter ,a typical stupid inborn aggression almost blinded me thinking me in right way and taking the next step in right way ---Yes i will have my fun --it will be slightly muted --because i have decided to make it a dawn for few others too--a beginning for me wholeheartedly  --and i hope its not a bad beginning if u decide to do so ---as i said sumtimes we have to realise there are unlucky people than us who unknowingly wait for our attention--u might nearby u--"SOME BLIND HOMES,,SOME ORPHANAGES ,,SOME OLD AGE HOMES "--just think abt them --if u decide there luck might change --if u dont -nothing will rock ur world but u r depriving urself a opportunity to change someones luck by ur small contribution --this im sayin in no philosphical advice ---remember im in ur group --trust me --read the talk with my frd ---im hoping to join in the few who might think bit differently and firmly . 

                            A dawn for a better tommorow  and a dawn for a satisfyin year ahead --Wishing u a awesome New Year Ahead ---Welcome 2012 -Cant wait to see how its turn out :)

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