Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"To The Best Person I Ever Had In My Life-On A Tough Day - To U Mom --With Love "

               "Today was a day i achieved sumthin personally good ,,wanted to run to the person who was responsible for this day --but she visits me in dreams and touches me through air ,smiles through pictures but most importantly  LIVES IN  MY HEART TO KEEP ME GOIN"

                     FOR U MOM ON A DAY I MISSED U SO MUCH --LUV U
      "You had no magic skills yet u performed miracles by a magic wand called love  "

                      You showed the meaning of love
                      You showed that anger can be conquered
                      You showed that silence could be read with words
                      You showed that painful tears could be lost
                      You showed heart matters to value a person nothing else
                      You showed lifes hurdles are never impossible to jump
                      You showed God by being the best impersonation i never recognised
                      You showed 42 years is enuf to live a eternity among everyone
                      You showed smile for all ur endless pains and troubles
                       You showed life could be fought relentlessly never giving up

                                             U also showed ,,,

                         "You can embrace death with smile -"--probably the only person in the whole world i knew who could make even death shed a tear for doing that to such a pure,clean ,lovely soul whose only mistake in life was to be born as a human ,Probably God gave u a choice to be a angel or be a mother of 3 -a queen of a great  king --a world ravished heart and  unforgettable one --at the cost of a SHORT LIFE ,,AN ALMOST PERFECT ONE

                          I say it a almost perfect one because the bit of imperfection is of the son she wanted so much yet gave so little ---the one who is writing this -still loving her and still missing her hell a lot -the one person i loved,love and love forever endlessly and unconditonally --moms are amazingly great --till ashes with love ---with ur love forever in heart ----life goes on with  ur blessings and a heart full of lovely memories  ,,,,,,,all i can say is ,,,"LOVE U AND MISS U "

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