Friday, December 23, 2011

Live Ur Passion Atleast Once In Life ,,,,,,U Will Love Ur Life Like Never Before :)

                        My 50 th blog ---  One of the  biggest achievements in my life till date  --Whole heartedly thank the buddies who supported me to keep writing -my sisters,,my best frds,,grateful to each and every one of u -sumtimes its not always abt money or fame ,sumtimes its about happiness --Plain Happiness--Wrting is my passion-my happiness,Thanks to each and everyone of u who made it possible :)!!
                             ( Up until March 27 this year in my life ,,my passion was almost in grave --i never thought of doing sumthing abt it --but with all due respect to all of my wonderful frds i wanna dedicate this entire blog to my brother "Sandeep Sheoron"--i would have died one day without living my passion even for once but for u----A big thanks to u bro  ,Now i know  and beleive i will live my passion in whatever forms i can till my last  --for me nothing gives me more happiness than living my passion-Writing--without u i would never had a opportunity,,Luv u Brother  :)
   Exactly how does it feel to live your passion?
           "  Its when ur heart feels light ,,when ur mind is free from pressures ,,,when u feel the child in u  coming out for few minutes,, its when ur thoughts bring only smile -when the world seems the happiest place to live - U love life like never before "

                                                         There is not a single soul born in this world who doesnt have a passion,,a die hard love for something the heart yearns ,,the mind plans for perfect execution --the world a platform to perform BUT,,tht is a big but --sadly the ticket for the performance in world is measured by a factor called "MONEY" and for those who have the ticket to perform there are no audiences ---fate plays the perfect game with people who have either of one making sure they miss the other ,,the obstacles to realise a passion is so huge - family,society,,surrounding ,financial condition all have a bearing in our quest to realise our passion,,--i have seen countless people having endless thirst striving to get one chance to fulfil their passion,,because passion as a whole is not same for every individual ,,it differs from person to person

                                                      So many years ago when i was in school i usually laughed at a singing master who was very old then --probably in his 80s then ,,he used to wear a hat ,,a perfect white and white dress tucked in,,,i used to laugh at him because he used to sing with almost all his teeth gone ,,,but the moment he started singing he had a brightness in his face,,he never cared us small kids laughing at him ,,,i once asked him innocently "Master ,,Im sorry i laughed at u but dont u feel bad for us all laughing and making fun "--he replied "60 years odd im doing this --"Singing is My Passion "---i will do it till my last --its like living a dream son --sumday u will know "
                                                       Im sure that person wont be alive for me to interact now ,but his words now make hell a lot of meaning - 20 years back when my schoolteacher asked me "Whts ur passion"--"I said i will ask my dad and tell u miss"--12 years back --another teacher asked me same in college --I said  --I m not sure now--will say u alter--- 6 years back ---the girl who i endlessly admire for her mesmerizin words forever --said --"U know whats ur passion--u have buried it for ur desires to be perfect son,,the perfect family guy,,the person the world will love --Before its time make sure u live your passion for one day --u will love ur life like u never did before --trust me "
                                                       Life is a collection of answers  for tricky questions posed by fate ---the ultimate momento is given by urself and not by others---if u answer the question "have i lived my passion once ,,just once--IN THE AFFIRMATIVE -"then its like living a dream --you live just once --why go to the grave not tryin for what the heart loves more than anythin else"--while its true not everyone is blessed with all the tools ,but the  truth is  thats also the answer for realising the dreams --the tools need to be found to live our passion--ultimately there lies happiness,,sume wants to be a reader ,,a writer,,a editor ,a painter,a actor ,,a webdesigner,,a traveller ,,a pilot ,,,etc ,,so many,,the fields are  endless ,,but when the pages of life unravel before u ,at some point u will know the special desire of your heart lies in one unique thing. 
                                                 Fate is not cruel always --it gives u opportunities for u to exhibit ur passion,fate gives us people who make us realise that "Life is not a bad game after all,,,its slightly unfair ,,but it offers u help in the form of great frds,,supportive family,,everlasting love from a partner pushing u to ur dreams --whilst it fair make the most out of it ,,because as i said its sighty unfair ,,lol!!
            "Whatever u do everyday might not be ur  passion--what u want to do everyday is passion"
 Sighning off with the broadest of grins and happiest of hearts in years
 Shan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,to be continued ,,,lol!!!!!

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