Sunday, December 18, 2011

Theres sumthing special abt the word "Memories" !!!

                   "Every dawn is not entirely new because i know it is painted with ur memories sumwhere "
                                     Every Morning i wake up not to anger--surely not in nothingness --but to a thought of sumone i love or loved  --and even with a tear it always brings a smile,,a belief ,,Where does it really come from?--from a very unique word  "Memories",,I treasure some memories so deeply that it pulls me out of gravest of holes even at this time ,,At a stage where most of my buddies are well into their married life -- as a individual my best companions in practical life are just a laptop and mostly lifeless things -- Memories ought to be my best companion because if i dont have them my life will be like a empty book with a beautiful cover page .
                                     A loss of a lovable person doesnt seem like a pain when u learn to live ur life with their memories ,,,there was a beautiful person in my life--who taught me how to love a person even when they r not with u -During the time when i struggled like hell  then to come out immediately of  the sudden passing of my mom -the person showed me the way to channelise my life with their memories she many times quoted -"If u love sumone deeply u will learn to live with their memories with or without them -Trust me ",,the person who said those powerful words is not with me eithernow  ,, But the truth is 9 years later after my angelic mom died  i can still  smell my Moms Saree,,i can still feel her hand --those rough hands of tireless works for her children even though it is nine years since i had felt tht ,,whenever i see her pic i just kiss her in air ,,feeling her cheeks exactly same way i felt almost a decade ago-exactly thts what memory does,the truth might it brings along might be too cold but the warmness it gives to the heart is undeniable.
                                   Memories are not what u choose to live in--its what u unknowingly experience at the very moment -to remember or forget is ur choice --but always the best choice is remeberin them --u never know when it might be needed--i write these days in remembrance of memories of the people who have graced my life then and grace my life now --my life is a unique experience--be it my sisters,,my soulmate,,my best frds,,noone live near me to feel the experience live,,,memories keep me goin,,keep me smiling,keep me fighting
                                      U judge urself with ur loved ones --sumtimes its good --sumtimes its bad ,,,but there is no denying it never happens--at the end of the day u r left with urself to decide the course of the next day ,,for the last couple of years i have judged myself exactly on the same scale ,,whats the thing that keeps me going despite the hurdles ,,the troubles, the fights,the self questioning?,To admit "Im a completely fulfilled person at this point"would be as blunt a lie imaginable .
                                    No matter what life will go on--with or without persons u loved in life but never fail to remember the beautiful moments-- the memories -- By doing so u will always get hell a lot of energy and a heart warming smile .

 Signing off quoting sumthing i wrote in remembrance of memorable sumone

                     "The one thing that connects u to me still is our memories
                     Little did i knew the moments i spent then would become now memeories
                     As the sun   is to sunflower ur memory will be for my life
                    Ur life may have become history-- Ur love was always a mystery
                  As long my memory doesnt fade me ur memories will forever be cherished"

     And yes memories is sumthin that i cherish most--it kept me goin then and it keeps me goin now too:)

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