Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting "Hurt" Doesnt Always End In "Hate"!!

       "   I promise my truth will  never end in pain for you for if it does let it be a widely accepted lie ---  let the pain be mines --the smile be ours --we part to hopefully meet again sumday "
                             ----  To one of my best friends i miss everyday

     "I wish i never see you again
      Life never designed a plan for us --but not everythin needs a plan
      If i am a reason for u to lose your smile let it be in your sleep
      If u were the reason for my tear let me hold it for next birth
                                                                --To a very special sumone i love a lot...
             The truth folks while writing this my mind and heart are not in cohesion,,i dont believe in fairytale friendships anymore ,,,i for one believed for long it is possible to have fairytale friendships and relationships for long ,,but recent set of events and turbulent events ultimately made me believe that it is impossible to have such things in todays world ,,it aint possible anymore .
            At the end of day --u live your own life --noone plays your role for anything ,i personally have always had the thought "if u love sumone --u love that sumone till last"- Life by way of events  teaches you how to love --we learn by ourselves how to hate --that is why the hate part always doesnt have a pattern but always carries fully the meaning of the word "Pain"
          Recently with close ones and known ones falling away like nine pins by fate i realised that i let them fall away for the good reason that atleast someone can be happy --Its fine if it aint me -there are so many good reasons why i can still have a smile --a smile that came the moment my heart liked that person,,loved that person and lived some enchanting moments with that person ,If it means getting "Hurt"is the only option then it is always better because hurt doesnt erase memories --doesnt erase the good things and doesnt always end in"hate"atleast to me that is what i found out after personal introspection of events and happenings in my life .
            A lovely brother ,,a close sister ,,a frd for 24 years ,,a letter frd for 12 years  and another spl frd ,,--i had them in my life as my shining stars a week before ,,a week later fate shut the lights out of my life and trying to make a wicked smile of it --little did it know they were "Shining Stars"--aint no light made them look bright before and i dont need any ---i sit in dark but i know they will be in my horizon wishing me well --sumtimes when u wanna make the ppl u love smile its better to "feel bit hurt"because according to me personally "hating"is never a option-"IF U LOVE SUMONE U LOVE SUMONE TILL LAST ".period

C ya soon :)


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