Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Interesting Story Abt " Laughing Buddha "!!!!

  " When u were there i was never tired of seeing u smile for 20 years it worked wonders
          Now i see your picture and see that same smile and it still works wonders "
                  With you and that everlasting smile my journey goes on ,,,,,,,
                          -- To my mom whose smile i have kept as a priceless gift god gave me
                            Dont know abt others for me the most tireless thing to watch is sumones true smile - thats when this idea of blog came to mind --the statue of "Laughing Buddha "comes to my mind when i think abt the word smile ---it was sumthing i used to make fun abt tht statue calling it as "dhonthi buddha "in my young age ,,i used to see it in almost many houses ,,only recently i got to know why the statue is referred as laughing buddha --The word "Buddha"means "One who is to awake "
                         This person on who the laughing buddha title was given  is said  to be a chinese monk-named "Budai" --said to have lived a life full of happiness and   extreme satisfaction of being funny all his life and there is a interesting story which is told about his death i quote from a excerpt in a book 
               "  The monk had asked his family that when he dies that he need not be washed before being burnt --eventually when he died of old age after a life filled of complete joy as he wished --he was not washed but when he was burnt as the customary ritual ,,ppl heard crackers burst around his body ,,he had crackers tied with his body at the time of death and thats why he asked not to be washed ,,ppl in his death smiled happily on seeing that --its how the story goes that here was a man who lived a happy life despite anythin and even in his death made ppl laugh --it is believed by having his statue  our lives will be filled of happiness,it is beleived rubbing his belly would bring good luck,wealth and prosperity ----so obviously the statue is more than a fat funny bald old man statue as i perceived then  --there is sumthin we could take from his life if we are prepared too.
                 We dont stop to see good things -we find time to discuss one bad thing for yrs  ,,we dont find a reason to smile but we shed tears for a useless reason,,there is always a funny person in every one of us --if we could find that part of us and live life like tht then we could someday understand the real presence of the laughing buddha statue --a true story in itself to behold --"if only we could enjoy life like that --and thats a big if "-lol

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