Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life Seems Always Interesting One Way Or Other:)

 "Life always offers the doors to our wishes --its us who always seem to choose the wrong keys!!!"
                             Few days back  --while i was annoyed at events that were taking place in a non linearway pointing alarmingly to bad times --i asked myself "Why cant life be just fair "it seems sumwhere the balance appears awry ,,why is that so ?
                              Maybe in angst and depressing frustration sumtimes that comes in our lives we miss the true facts that lies right in front of our eyes ,,that we infact change the question for our need and not answer the right question "Have we been fair to our life"--"Have we been fair enuf to accept the mistakes and correct them "--To say "i never make mistakes "is like saying "Im a robot --Im always in autopilot mode --destined to do the right things "--To blame others for excruciating pain created by ourselves is like searching water in a empty well to quench our thirst.
                             What prevents us from answering that question is simple ---"Plenty of Anger ,,Plenty of Ego ,,Endless greed to earn more" ---Yep ---I m also in that category --I still have so much anger dying to get out of me ----a ego which always seems be  a untamed monster and a normal human beings greed to money --to be frank ---by tryin to conquer all these i have failed falling flat on my face,,i have not been fair to my life --i have not done what i was destined --i have failed to conquer my ego ---even to my dear frds,,my sisters ---i have prided unknowingly my ego over love --i have not become what my life offered me -life asked me to become sumone i could --i became ultimately what my family,,surroundings and situations wanted --not what life had for me -by gods grace and a wunderful supportive people around me i made sure my path was not a bad one after all ---but still "Life offered me a path with a garden full of flowers i wished but i refused to tht --why complain then"
                              Life doesnt care whether u r careless ,,innocent or arrogant-Just a "yes" or " no"--it offers everythin --manipulating them to our needs and situations is our mistake--If i chose from what i have been offered i would have had a luvely person near me while i write this not a demon called "Loneliness"--If i chose to be different i would have made the wishes of my remarkable mother realities ,,,If i chose to be different i would have not hurt people i loved so much and left them sumwhere hoping "I wish,,,,,," ,,"If i was not so sensitive i would have had the life for ages that i was so desperately near "---But despite the flaws ,the mistakes i make and made --i knew i m not the only one in this world --its a marvellous thrill a minute journey where the next minute is a puzzle u wish was not --thats why its a challenge to live through this tough times -it always seems interesting one way or the other :)

"Life might seem unfair always --but in truth it isnt --it offers you time though limited,ability though hidden,dreams that pushes u to achieve them--what more can u ask "

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