Thursday, February 23, 2012

" Life is All About Having Hope "

        "All i wish is one drop of love again --maybe its the beginning of a ocean i so dearly yearn for" 

           ("Dedicated To My Luvely  Soulmate and   Unforgettable Neha -Two really spl ppl whom im no more in touch but wish it will change sumday :)")

                                  "Dude if u r gettin married as and when if it happens --how much crowd u expect to come since u have been having quite a good circle for long time ---my frd asked--i replied "I dont know buddy -what u see is all im assured of (I was standing alone at tht time)-right now i dont know whether my shawdow will come with me --but all i want is ppl wishing me sumwhere heartingly)        
                                   On the walk in the shores of beach i have probably never felt so deserted and a feeling of  uneasy silence followed --u can fight words with words --what do u fight silence with ??? ,I remember walking in the same shores of beach as a school kid 15 years or so back --dancing playing in the beach shores with my family with frds --endless smiles --the night seemed so beautiful then never ending --i loved my legs becomin so sand dragged in water --i felt so happy then unknowingly --the innocence of youth where u never need a reason to smile !!

                                                   Returnin back tonite the same spot -15 long years later ---standing at the same time in evening --with my feet again in bit of sand and water --seeing the beach i had a cold feeling --now this point i was standing with myself alone with the same place i was with a huge family crowd ebbing ,,playing --it all flashed in a moment --now im searchin  even my shawdow  --the moonlight seemed dimmed than before though truth is it never lost it gloss --my vison had changed -my priorities had changed --my preferences had changed --one thing that has not changed is my love -- i read sumwhere sumtime back

                 "   You   are born out of love of two people --love will be with u all life -accepting or denying is  your wish --erasing is not though -it will always be in u !!"

                   "     The problem of getting close-- too close is u cant distance yourself enuf to know how far u can be apart --for when u do the truth hurts --sumtimes even bitter but time teaches you sumthing -a very important lesson --

                            "If u r forced to leave sumone u r too close  never force urself to forget that person"

                                    U never will because the memories ,the fun ,,the smiles ,,the tears will remain with u even if not the person ,,this aint no advice --100 % own experience --Myself had been a prime example of forming some frdships and relationships that had skyrocketed to dizzy heights --i never imagined after goin to that heights i will look back ---but fate made me do so and i also "STARTED FALLING FROM THERE:-believe me when u r too close and tht much on top of world --u r destined to fall and the effects of tht fall--the pain--the tears ,,a sense of lost feeling is too hard to digest for a normal human being ---probably we ar programmed to love people we like but we are given our choices to get how close we want -except for one or two ppl in life gettin too close is always "too close for comfort in life".
                                    I realised with the water hitting in my shirt that i was stuck there for long time to realise tht --the memories took me long than i thought --boy --losing some marvellous people took matter of minutes and days --to find them it took years---i realised one truth --"tryin to forget them is the wrong thing and sumthin impossible "--and finally thanked the beach--i dont remember one other companion in my life who never complained --never expected --always listened to my hearts words "--i walked back seeing some kids enjoyin in the sand and water --i had the same but i had something else too in my heart --which felt light on the way back  "
                                  (Not all wishes are fulfilled in a lifetime --not every love story becomes a reality -not every smile is of happiness--but " no love is a false one"--its always better to leave a wobbly  beautiful story with hope midway  than to end it with hatred -if u cant forgive never forget atleast "-hoping personally that mine will go in the same way too)

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