Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Bday Dipu ---Seeing Never Matters --Feeling Does -U R Proof For That !!

    "Dedicated to my brother -one of my best friends - "My  Brave Unarmed Warrior against Fate To U  Sandeep--Happy Bday  Bhai!!"
      "  Stars Twinkle in distance --sumtimes the heart yearns to touch them
          you can never do tht ---nor can u stop seeing them in night -like stars
          sum people keep staying  in your lives despite everything "
                                                            Ever since the beginning of the 2000s the usage of computers became a compulsive one for youngsters all around the world --the world was never the same place --my remembrance of the my first tryst with it was bad ,,i never liked it --but with typical mindset of a young guy whose only notion to use the computer was to try to find sumone of opposite gender and have a good time,i went about learning to use it for fun -my first experience with sumone ended pretty badly --my happy dreams came to thundering halt --from then on i decided its not the way to look upon this online frdship thing --tht was around 2002-03 time --almost a decade back
                                                            Admittedly being incharge of a concern gave me time to still make frds in  yahoo ids --when social networking sites were not  prominent  --then came the existence of ORKUT --the world  seemed so different and i made friends like anything --once in my account i had 550 frds and 8000 odd scraps,i --i felt everythin was good but --then again the  real  spark was missing ---i felt the question "Does these online frdships mean anything at all other than fun?"-then i started to give a honest attempt in trying to find more meaning in them because sumthing in me told i could connect with ppl i never met than i did with people i met everyday here and being in a job where i need to interact with 100s of  people in a day it seemed odd
                                                       Life after 2005 changed for good --i met some amazing ppl --the amazement at the first interaction i had with this brother of me -Sandeep --still remains after nearly 6 years --i never had a younger brother before --i never had the feeling that i never had one after knowing this guy ---u might wonder whats the big deal ?---I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS GUY EVEN ONCE -yet i never felt tht --neither his absence in real day to day life affected me even for a minute in all these years of knowing him -the amazement still remains every bit even now -the support --the care the love --the amazing belief and beyond that ,,the trust that makes me feel sumtimes that im a blessed guy to have come to know such a guy in my life
                                                      The important point in a relationship or a frdship is to have trust that the other person will not let you down at ur moment of despair,will enjoy your happiness with uninhibited joy --that despite the odd dispute ,,few fights --few arguements -few ego clashes --DESPITE EVERYTHIN-u never give up the relationship that made you smile ,,that made u feel heaven for few moments --that made u feel u r not lonely --is what any relationship is about --it is precisely why even not seeing each other every day does not matter--sumtimes the truth is

                     "The heart does not need to see sumone to feel happy --even mere hearing sumone  or reading few lines from them makes ur heart feel the happiest -there in lies  the secret of enjoying life in such relationships and frdships  "

                                                       Yes i have been fortunate enuf to have handful of great ppl  like tht  -my effervescent  soulmate from  ,,another everlovely brother   ,,a inspirational girl ,a bubbly girl who has gone through so much torture are some of the people that come to my mind--they remain the pillar of support in my life which is haunted by loneliness but sparked by these people and just a few others --so i do have every reason to feel positive abt the relaionships even though there are few negative points of them --the eventual presence has made a big difference in my life
Happy Bday Daps (Belated wishes .lol)
                                                       "Nobody symbolises the relationship in my life more than you do-Sandeep --despite evrythin that has happened ---despite huge obstacles --despite endless hurdles --u  have been the best brother you could be --could not have asked for anythin more --if anybody proved that with utmost sincerity it was u bro with  -true love--unrelenting support --showing endless grit --maturity beyond years and beyond everythin not failing the trust i kept on u and repaying that with even more trust and belief --i m indebted and thanful  to u for my whole life --even this blogsite which has finally fulfilled my 20 odd years dream which may very well have been till my life was undeniably the best gift i have got in my life---Wishing you all the best in your life especially on the doorsteps of becoming a father --that kid could not have a better human being as father --no words are enuf to write abt one of my all time best friends --the ones who know u will acknowledge the fact --Happy Bday my "Priceless Prince"may u keep fighting till ur last and may few other people know how good u r as i do !!
                                                      For those of you in the beginning stage  of any online realationship or frdship --my  advice from personal experience is ---just go by what ur heart feels and never go by what your eyes want to see --seeing hardly matters--ever --have trust beyond practical impatience--have belief beyond incidents --trust your heart to create some magical unforgettable memories in ur life --it will happen --miracles do happen ---i just wished one of the miracles in my life a slightly belated bday wish --yes the bday was on 16th ---now u know what i meant by practical impatience --lol --catch u soon !!

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